As Georgetown College approaches its bicentennial celebration in 2029, we recognize the impact that several local counties have had on our history. It is only right that we give back by offering a transformational education of the heart and mind to the students of some of those counties. Through the support of loyal alumni and donors, Georgetown College is proud to offer the Legacy and Legends Scholarship.

What is the Legacy and Legends Scholarship?

  • The Legacy and Legends Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship offered by Georgetown College to residents/graduates of a limited number of counties in Kentucky. This means that students from these counties will receive a scholarship at GC equal to the full cost of tuition each year, renewable for four years.
  • Students will still be responsible to pay fees, and to pay for food and housing (room and board), but they can apply outside scholarships and grants to those remaining costs, including KEES, and the Kentucky Tuition Grant, PELL, and CAP grants if applicable. No additional GC scholarships or grants will be stacked on top of the Legacy and Legends Scholarship. Click here for more details on current costs.


When is the Legacy and Legends Scholarship available?

  • The Legacy and Legends Scholarship will be awarded to incoming freshman from the Fall of 2020 to the Fall of 2029.


Who is eligible to receive the Legacy and Legends Scholarship?

  • Legacy and Legends is for admitted students from Scott, Franklin, Owen, or Casey County. Incoming first-time freshmen who are residential (live on campus) and begin the semester as a full-time student (taking at least 12 credit hours) are eligible to receive the Legacy and Legends Scholarship. These students must have either lived in one of these counties for the previous year before they enroll at GC, or have graduated from one of the high schools in these counties, as long as they attended for all of their senior year.
  • To continue to receive the Legacy and Legends Scholarship, students must be continually enrolled as full-time, residential students in good standing at GC. Good standing is defined as being a student who is not on probation. While the precise academic requirement changes by class year, a rough guide is that students should stay above a 2.0 GPA.


Is there any way to receive the Legacy and Legends Scholarship while commuting?

  • Generally speaking, no. Living on campus is one of the requirements for receiving the Legacy and Legends Scholarship. If there are exceptional circumstances and a student has to live off-campus for any reason (for example, has dependents), then the Legacy and Legends Scholarship would be reduced such that the student would pay the same amount in tuition that they would otherwise have paid in Room, Board, and Fees - basically, they will be allowed to get the same benefit. If you are not sure whether you could be approved to be a commuter, please reach out to your admission counselor.


Who can be admitted to GC?

  • There is no simple answer to this, because Georgetown weighs the GPA more heavily than the ACT such that a high GPA can help to make up for a lower ACT. Very roughly, a student would need a 2.3 GPA (unweighted) and a 19 ACT composite score with at least an 18 in the Math sub score and a 17 in the English sub score to be admitted. Students who are close but fail to meet one or two markers can be considered by a special academic committee with additional materials (such as letters or a writing sample).
  • While these are the minimums, we strongly encourage students to aim for at least a 21 on the ACT and a 3.0 GPA, as we have found that these scores (especially the GPA) correlate strongly with success at Georgetown College. The average GPA at Georgetown is just over a 3.5, and the average ACT is around a 24.


Can students receiving the Legacy and Legends Scholarship compete in athletics or be in Programs of Distinction (such as the honors programs)?

  • Absolutely! While students in athletics or the Programs of Distinction will not be eligible to receive additional scholarships beyond the Legacy and Legends, we strongly encourage them to take advantage of these amazing opportunities. Students interested in competing should speak with coaches of those sports to see if they are a good fit, should they come to GC. Students interested in the programs will need to apply and go through the usual admission process for those programs (applications are due in fall and spring for different programs). Learn more at


Who should strongly consider GC over other schools?

  • With this scholarship, a lot more students will be looking seriously at Georgetown College, and some parents and students might want to know whether GC is really the best fit for them. Obviously, given our exceptional honors programs and the fact that we are a Christian college, we are an excellent fit for academically-gifted, Christian students. Many other students excel at GC as well, including those interested in one of our top majors (see below), and those interested in participating in the broader activities made possible at a campus our size, including working individually with faculty, athletics teams, intramurals, and student-life activities.
  • Academically, we are best known for our pre-medicine, including pre-vet, pre-pharmacy, and nursing, and for allied health fields, such as exercise science, pre-physical therapy, and pre-athletic training. We are also highly respected for education, psychology, and fields related to business and communication.
  • As a traditional, liberal arts college, GC is also well-suited for students interested in the arts and humanities. We are also a great fit for students or who are still exploring what they might want to do as a career or major, as we help students to explore their passions and talents.

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