August 2, 2021

To the Georgetown College Family,
The recent conviction and sentencing of a criminal who in 2018 attacked a Georgetown College student cannot restore the peace we once felt on our campus. We acknowledge the anger and deep emotion it has generated and continues to generate.

Following the tragic incident, our staff, faculty and students rededicate ourselves to keeping all students safe and their well-being as our top priority. It is our focus every day to make sure that all Georgetown students feel safe and empowered.
In recent years, we have done much to increase security on campus, including:

  • Replaced residence hall locks with automatic locks and added peepholes and self-closing hinges to exterior doors
  • Added more security cameras on campus, including parking lots and the Quad
  • Equipped campus security officers with technology to ensure campus routes are checked diligently and often
  • Increased responsiveness of safety escorts for students anywhere on campus 
  • Shifted to more internal campus rounds
  • Conducted repeated light audits and increased lighting in several areas
  • Upgraded outdoor emergency phones

We are working to prevent all forms of sexual violence. Through education and empowerment programs, we ensure all incoming students and their parents have information to help prevent sexual assault and abuse.
As we start another academic year, we will reinforce those safety messages throughout our college family and continue to seek new ways to ensure all students feel confident, safe and at home here in Georgetown.

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