Care Package Ideas for Your Student

Who doesn’t like getting a care package from home?

Are you getting ready to mail a care package to your favorite college student or do you need to buy some college essentials (like linens)? Care packages can be sent to your students’ campus mailbox with their favorite items. Make it yourself or buy it online and have it sent - either way, your young adult away from home will be happy to get something special in the mail from you. We do partner with a company that many use, OCM - see below for more information, or click here to view their site.

Not only is it fun to get mail, but a few reminders from home can ward off homesickness. The best care packages are filled with things parents know their own kids will love.

Whether your student lives in a dorm, fraternity or sorority house, or an apartment, there are a variety of useful, sentimental or tasty treats you can send in a care package.

Types of Care Packages


Transition: It can be a big change for students to go to college and share a room with another student.

Food: Quick snacks, treats, and homemade goodies are perfect for the busy college student.

Essentials: Sometimes, college students lack the time to stock up on everyday essentials.

Room Accessories: A few reminders from home can ward off homesickness, or spruce up the room!


Noise Canceling Headphones • Sleep Mask • Ear Plugs • Stress Toys • Items To Share (like cookies) • See below for readymade options through OCM


Quick Snacks • Microwavable Meals • Sweet Treats • Drink Mixes • Gift Cards • See below for readymade options through OCM. Make sure the food is non-perishable and will ship well.


Shower Gel • Hair Care Items • Hand Sanitizer • Toothpaste • Deodorant • Laundry Pods • Gift Cards • See below for readymade options through OCM

Room Accessories

Bedding • Decorations • Family Photos • Diffusers • Microwave Cookware • Electronic Accessories • Gift Cards • See below for readymade options through OCM

When To Send A Care Package


Thinking of you • Birthday • Holiday • Get Well

• Celebrate the season • The Big Game

• Studying for that big test • Mid-Term Exams • Finals Week

Ready Made Care Package
To save you time, Georgetown College has partnered with On Campus Marketing (OCM). OCM specializes in readymade care packages and bed-in-a-bag linen sets, with a wide array of package options and sizes. You can have all of them sent (with a personalized message) directly to your student's campus mailbox. Check out their website for all of the great offers.

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