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The women’s studies minor gives you a way to pursue your interests in women’s issues, feminism, and sex/gender in a wide range of introductory, interdisciplinary, and upper-level classes. This interdisciplinary minor complements a wide variety of majors and can help you find direction in your future careers. Alumni have attended graduate and professional schools in law, sociology, and English, as well as working in education, clinical psychology, and medicine.


Our WST graduates go on to work on behalf of women and girls as counselors, teachers, librarians, and public servants.


Men can and do take WST classes!


Regional non-profits provide WST minors with internships and similar opportunities, providing options for women in ministry, working with women’s health issues, or volunteering to address issues of sexual exploitation.

Program Requirements

21 hours for interdisciplinary minor; no major available

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Potential Careers

 “The Women’s Studies Program encourages students to approach their studies and the world from a new perspective. The personal truly is political, and my own experiences resonate not only with those of my fellow classmates but also with those of women throughout history and across cultures. This is something that will remain with me forever and continue to shape my social interactions.”

 - Kyle Huskin, '12

Women’s Studies drew me in and allowed me to immerse myself into classes I would have never taken outside of my major. This minor has challenged me academically, allowed me to express myself, and strengthened my views as a student and as a woman.”

 - Virginia Hurst, '15

“The Women’s Studies Program has benefitted me in a plethora of ways. The program is interdisciplinary, which allows for a wide range of topics and disciplines to be explored. Many of my WST credits actually came from Religion classes and the flexibility aided in my overall experience at GC.”

 - Mieko Smith, '16

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