Complete Kentucky History group 1The Georgetown College Maskrafters are hard at work on a world premiere theatrical production, a comedy entitled A Complete History of Kentucky: The Interesting Parts.

A Complete History of Kentucky might best be described as what would happen if Mel Brooks got hold of your Kentucky history textbook.  Built on the framework of an evening of Kentucky Educational Theatre (or K.E.T. for short), three zany hosts lead the audience through a cavalcade of Kentucky’s “sometimes glorious…often sketchy…always interesting past.”

The show runs in one act and follows a sketch comedy format, resurrecting historical figures ranging from the well-known, such as Daniel Boone and Belle Brezing, to less familiar names like sticky-fingered state treasurer Honest Dick Tate and frontier serial killers, Big Harpe and Little Harpe (the latter pair appear as sock puppets).  Among other antics, the no-holds-barred script features an 1835 late night television talk show interview with Asiatic Cholera, a face-off of the families of Devil Anse Hatfield and Ole Ran’l McCoy on Family Feud, and a lesson on dueling from Henry Clay.

While the script is heavy on humor, the play still brims with fascinating Kentucky history and functions as a crash course in our state’s rich past.  The show premieres at the Ruth Pearce Wilson Lab Theatre on the campus of Georgetown College on April 10th-12th and April 23rd, 25th and 26th at 7:30 p.m. at the Ruth Pearce Wilson Theatre at Georgetown College.  Tickets are $4 for students and $5 for all others.  You may reserve tickets by calling the Georgetown College bookstore at 502-863-8134.  For more information, contact Dr. Ed Smith at or at 502-863-8042.
Complete Kentucky History 3 hosts 2