MRSA Infection

Methacillin Resistant Staph Aureus is a specific strain of the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus that is resistant to the antibiotics created for its treatment. This makes it both very difficult to treat and impossible to eradicate. The infection has also been known to be deadly.

This organism is contracted and spread through an opening in the skin and can be transferred from an object that was recently touched by an individual who is infected.

There are also individuals who are carriers of the organism, that are without symptoms and unaware that they are even infected. Thereby, it is very important that we educate those at high risk of how to prevent the spread of this disease. […]

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Making Sense of Anger

Take a moment to remember a time you expressed anger. You might envision a situation in which you physically or verbally lashed out at someone. You may remember standing up for yourself or someone else. You might have in mind a time when your expression of anger caused you regret, or embarrassment, or a sense of triumph. Keep this situation in mind as you read about the purposes, causes, and healthy expressions of anger.

Anger is a wide spectrum of emotion that can be as mild as feeling irritated and as intense as being enraged. Anger occurs in response to threats, whether these threats are real or only in your imagination.1 Some examples of “threats” are a conflict or disagreement, an unfair situation, betrayal, and feeling humiliated.2 Other states that can lead to anger are hunger, frustration, exhaustion, physical pain, and hormonal changes.3 You can be angry at a person or at a situation; fearful things such as worry or trauma can underlie anger as well. […]

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The Anxiety Cure according to Dr. Archibald Hart

All information in this article is acquired from Dr. Archibald Hart’s very helpful book:
Hart, Archibald. (1999). The Anxiety Cure. Nashville, TN: W Publishing Group.
Meant for the Valley
You may be surprised to learn that your brain is not wired to live a high-stress, anxious existence! Rather, your brain naturally attempts to achieve a state of tranquility. There are “happy-messengers” called neurotransmitters that keep us feeling calm, peaceful, happy, and sane. You were meant to live in this “valley” of tranquility most of the time. Your body and mind are not wired to be too stressed and excited for more than short intervals of time. Unfortunately, when you are stressed out, your natural brain tranquilizers are eaten up. […]

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Do You Understand Binge Drinking?

What is Binge Drinking?
How much do you drink? Read further to find out whether you meet the criteria of a binge drinker. If you do, take the time to educate yourself on such an important topic. If you understand the potential danger of binge drinking you will be better informed and able to protect yourself from harm in the future.

Has anyone given you a definition of binge drinking? Today the most commonly used definition of binge drinking is 5 or more drinks for men and 4 or more drinks for women, over an evening or similar span of time, for the purpose of becoming intoxicated. This definition applies whether one is alone or in large groups. Does this surprise you? Though many college students are regular binge drinkers often there is not a realization of the harms and risks involved. […]

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Good Grief!

Everyone Experiences Loss…
Loss and grief are an inevitable part of life. When losing an acquaintance, friend, or close family member, a dark void may be left in your heart. After losing someone, it is NORMAL to experience tiredness, headaches, low appetite, difficulty concentrating, dreams, trouble sleeping, and feelings of guilt, anger and anxiety. Your feelings and reactions may be complicated, especially if the present loss brings to your memory past losses. The important thing for you is accepting you may not function as well as you normally do for the time being. As various emotions arise, allow yourself to feel, to cry, and to share them others. […]

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Fight Fair! Effective Communication for Dating Couples

Arguing is Normal
To have a truly fulfilling relationship, you must speak up about things that bother you.1 No relationship is without some arguing. But, when negative things do come up, it is important to know how to communicate those things effectively and fairly. There are basic strategies for arguing fairly, as well as many ways of communicating effectively when having that important discussion. […]

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If You Think You Can Live Without Sleep, Dream On!

Having Problems Sleeping? You’re not Alone
Have you ever heard people say they haven’t slept in months? Or that their minds “won’t shut off” at night? Some people complain they never get any deep sleep1 or that dragging themselves out of bed in the morning is a miserable experience.

Problems sleeping can indeed make one’s life miserable. Maybe you have experienced this yourself. Over 30% of the American population experiences insomnia, whether occasionally or regularly. Those most at risk are women, the elderly, those with psychiatric or medical disorders, and those who work 2nd and 3rd work shifts.2 […]

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Mastering the Art of Studying

Studying is a Complex Art
Studying is so central to college life. But, as I’m sure you know, that doesn’t make it simple! As you read the study tips ahead, you will see that studying is more like a complex art. Don’t let yourself become frustrated if studying is not one of your strengths. Instead, learn how to simplify your studying and make it effective. […]

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Time, Memory, Visualization, and Writing: Tips for Creative Studying

Don’t Waste One Minute!
Do you struggle to manage your time effectively? It may be comforting to remember each person has as much time in a day as anyone else. Learn creative ways to use your time wisely. For example, your time will be best used if you get your least favorite tasks out of the way first. Try tackling your least favorite readings and assignments in the morning, perhaps before breakfast.1 If you do this, imagine how great it will feel to have the REST of the day to do things you enjoy most. […]

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