Flowers and Pierce Halls are upperclassmen residence halls at Georgetown College; Pierce Hall houses male students, while Flowers Hall houses female students. Located on the south side of campus, they are a quick walk away from all classroom buildings. Each building is staffed by several student Resident Advisors on each floor of both buildings, and a full-time, professional Hall Director lives in Allen Hall to provide assistance to residents and create a welcoming living environment for all students.

Room Specs


  • Room: 11′ 2″ x 16′ 6″
  • Window: 5′ 6″ tall x 4′ 6″ wide


  • Free laundry is available to students in each building
  • A lobby area featuring a kitchen and study space
  • Cable television through coaxial cable input in each room. Students must provide their own television and coaxial cables.
  • High-speed wireless internet and Ethernet jacks in each room. Students must provide their own ethernet cables.
  • Landline connections are available in each room. Students must provide their own phone and cables.
  • Community bathrooms on each floor featuring sinks, private shower stalls, and bathroom stalls
  • Furniture may be rearranged within the room and beds can be bunked
  • Air conditioning units in each room