Harper Gatton LEAD is a four-year program focusing on various aspects of leadership and service.  Each year the student will focus on a different leadership experience.  The students will take on a new role each year in the program.  Harper Gatton LEAD students will:

  • Learn
  • Experience
  • Advise
  • Develop

To gain entrance into the program, students must complete an application form.

Applications will be available soon – they are due August 28th 2013.

What does HG LEAD stand for?

Learn // Experience // Advise // Develop

Learn – Students in their first year of HG LEAD will participate in monthly group meetings to discuss leadership styles and will begin to clarify their personal values and how those connect to their leadership style.  These workshops will enhance a student’s consciousness of self by helping students clarify their leadership style and their personal values.

Experience – Students in their second year of HG LEAD will be placed into small service groups and will be responsible for creating, planning, implementing and evaluating a service project.  The groups will be required to have regular meetings.  These meetings will touch on subjects of social change; will enhance group collaboration and positive growth.  The project can be one of four types of projects:

  • Community service project
  • Campus service project
  • Fundraising project
  • Awareness project

Advise – Students in their third year of HG LEAD will be tasked with serving as advisers to the first and second year groups.  Half of the advisers will be mentors for the service groups.  The other half will serve as the advisory board for Learn workshops and will coordinate speakers and plan events for first year HG LEAD students.

Develop – Students in their final year of HG LEAD will serve as a HG Ambassador and seek ways to develop Georgetown’s leadership programs and to develop their professional and personal self.  HG Ambassadors will be required to meet with Graves Center for Calling and Career during the year.  Students in their final year will create a 10-minute presentation reflecting on their personal leadership journey and share their leadership plan.


Email Laura Wyly with any questions!