One of the great things about coming to college is the opportunity to take advantage of things that are truly “once in a lifetime” opportunities.  Being at a small liberal arts college, your opportunities are even broader.  Want to be a pre-med major but minor in art?  No problem!  Want to be an English/Creative Writing major who plays in the pep band?  Go for it! Want to be a double Philosophy/Chemistry major like recent grad Elizabeth Fannin and study in Oxford? By all means, get your passport ready!

The study abroad opportunities that await you during your time here at Georgetown are truly endless.  Our office of International Programs, located in the McCandless House, helps to coordinate many student abroad programs as well as facilitate information from several international consortia that we belong to.  What’s a consortium, you ask? A consortium is a cooperative arrangement among several groups working toward the same goal.  The consortia we belong for study abroad purposes include the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS), College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS), Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA), and Consortium for Global Education (CGE).  You can find more information on each of these here.

Not only are we able to provide the opportunity for you to work with outside organizations to travel, but we offer many international study opportunities with faculty from Georgetown. Study abroad helps you to learn more about what you are capable of doing, and provides you valuable experiences for your life beyond Georgetown.  In many cases there is financial aid available, and with careful planning, your credits earned abroad can transfer back to Georgetown and count towards degree requirements.

So let’s be honest—this all sounds great.  But are you serious? Studying abroad by myself or even with a group—that’s’ a little overwhelming!  The Office of International Programs provides lots of support and information to help prepare you for your time abroad.

If you are considering studying abroad, the biggest thing to remember is plan ahead! Much of the process is timely and it’s important to get all the steps you need done ASAP! You should begin the application process as soon as possible but by no later than the academic year before the year you wish to study abroad.

There are five easy steps to study abroad:

  1. Advising
  2. Application
  3. Pre-Departure
  4. Program
  5. Re-Entry

There is an upcoming workshop on Study Abroad Next week– Tuesday, October 18th at 11:00am–Study Abroad 101: Covers the basics of the study abroad process and program opportunities available through GC, and helps inform you about scholarship options. (McCandless House)

Here you can find a calendar of all workshops being offered this year.  Want more information about Study Abroad?  Check out the helpful FAQ on their website or contact Jason Snider, Administrator Coordinator.

Faith N. Cracraft is the Associate Director of Academic Enhancement at Georgetown College.