Throughout the semester, Georgetown College will continue to follow the guidelines set by the CDC for universities and colleges. All faculty, staff, and students must agree to follow these medical guidelines to return to campus this fall.

For more information on the novel coronavirus, click here. For more information on how Kentucky is responding, click here.

Health: Testing

  • Following the guidelines from the CDC, all faculty, staff, and students will need to agree to testing to return to campus. 
    • All faculty, staff, and students are asked to have a negative test result within the seven days prior to their reporting to campus. Either a PCR or a Rapid/Fast test is acceptable. For general students who are moving in on the 7th, for example, they should schedule a test for the 31st of July to give themselves the best chance of having a result before they come.
    • Please email a scanned copy (or forward the email of your negative results) to before you come to campus.
    • If you are unable to schedule a test within that time frame in your local area, please email to let us know and we will work with you to schedule a test on Georgetown College's campus. You will be expected to quarantine while we wait for the results of that test. There are now many options for getting a test, and some are getting results faster than others, so please ask how fast the results will be returned when you schedule the test. A list of some testing sites is available here:
    • All students, faculty, and staff are also required to test throughout the semester at the local health department as directed.

Health: Daily Health Monitoring

  • Daily health monitoring will be required of all faculty, staff, and students. Each person will check his or her temperature and self-monitor for symptoms. We are currently working with a company to create a free app that will be available for download on Androids and iPhones. We will send out more information as the semester begins about how to download and use this app.
  • All members of the community on campus will be required to download and regularly use this health monitoring app. Failure to do so may result in students being unable to access some buildings or participate in activities.
  • Any information given on this app will be confidential and used solely for protecting the health of our community from infection.
  • Students should bring a thermometer with them for the purpose of monitoring their own temperature.

Health: Contact Tracing

  • If someone is determined to have been exposed to the coronavirus, or if someone tests positive for COVID-19, they will need to cooperate with appropriate local health officials and college officials to assist in contact tracing, which means that they must truthfully answer questions about where they have been and whom they may have been in contact with during the relevant time period.

Health: Isolation and Quarantine

  • Isolation is when a person has tested positive and is separating from all human contact to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Quarantine is when someone is known to have been exposed, and is waiting to determine if they have contracted the virus or not.
  • If faculty, staff, or students test positive or are known to have been exposed, we will need them to isolate or quarantine until such a time as the health department clears them to return. We do recommend that students test when going into quarantine and leaving quarantine.
  • All members of the community are expected to quarantine or isolate at home when possible for their own comfort and safety. If students are unable to isolate or quarantine at home, the college will make other arrangements for them.

Health: Masks

  • Masks or face shields will be required for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors anytime they are inside and near other people, or are within six feet of others outside. Masks are the best-proven way to prevent you from accidentally infecting others if you are sick and don’t know it, and can also protect you to some extent as well. 
  • Students not wearing a mask may be asked to leave a class or any other indoor space by faculty or staff.
  • Georgetown College will provide every student with one branded mask, but you are encouraged to bring others (especially if you have one that you find especially comfortable) for your use, and face shields are also appropriate if you find it easier to breathe or communicate with a face shield instead of a mask.
  • Masks are not required in your own dorm room or when eating with members of your cohort or spread out appropriately outdoors. 
  • Faculty, staff, and students are strongly requested to responsibly wear masks even when they are not on Georgetown's campus and to avoid any activities where exposure is likely. The best defense for the campus is preventing the virus from coming to campus in the first place.

Health: Environment

  • We are currently testing all classrooms and living areas for ventilation. If an area cannot be made safe, it will not be in use this fall. For other areas, we will increase ventilation as possible through windows or ventilation systems.
  • Plexiglass barriers will be erected where staff regularly interact with visitors or students across a desk or counter; where possible, face-to-face interactions will be shifted to virtual contacts instead.
  • Stairwells will be designated as ‘up’ or ‘down’, and clear signage will direct traffic flow. Where applicable, doors will be marked as ’in’ or ‘out’ and traffic flow will all go one direction.

Health: Documents

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