Georgetown College is pleased to offer an Emergency Alert System that will be used to reach students, faculty, and staff in cases of major emergencies affecting campus.

Emergency notification is provided in three ways: via program interruption of the campus-wide cable television system, via interruption of all computers connected to the campus computer network and via brief messages to text-enabled portable devices of users who have provided us their cell phone numbers.

No action is required to receive emergency notification through the campus cable TV or computer networks. However, to receive an emergency text message by cell phone, you must sign-up and be using a text-enabled cell phone. If you are unsure, please check with your service provider.

Signup for Text Alert Notification

Go online to Enter your assigned username and password. First select the “GC Life” tab, then select the “Emergency Alert” option and complete the online form.

Emergency Text Alert Notification Policy

Georgetown College will only activate the text alert system in cases of a major emergency that affects campus and the campus community (in whole or in part):

  • Natural disaster (such as tornado, ice storm, earthquake, flooding, etc.)
  • Man-made disaster (fire, hazardous waste spill or release, etc.)
  • Active shooter (suspected or confirmed active shooter on campus or near campus)
  • Other major disaster determined by the senior administrative staff and/or Director of Campus Safety.

The text alert system will not be used for:

  • Routine campus announcements/news/general communication
  • Street or parking lot closings (unless they are related to a bona fide emergency)
  • Other routine information dissemination

Georgetown College’s emergency text messaging is a mass notification system that enables students and members of the faculty and staff to receive updates and alerts via cell phones. It is a completely voluntary and free service provided to the college community. No advertisements or non-emergency alerts will be sent to you. You must sign up for the service in order to receive alerts. Because this is a voluntary service, you may choose to opt-in or opt-out of the service at any time.

You are responsible for any messaging charges from your wireless service provider. Georgetown College is not responsible for any charges your service provider may impose for standard text message fees.

Your information is not, and will never be, shared with or sold to third parties.