Christ Church, Oxford

The Oxford Program is a partnership between Georgetown College and Regent’s Park College, the Baptist college within Oxford University. You can grow intellectually and mature in your faith as you study the humanities or theology at Regent’s Park and transfer credits back to Georgetown. Or you may prepare for the Christian ministry by earning an applied theology degree from Oxford University.

Joint Degree Program

During the 1994/5 academic year, Dr. Charles Boehms, along with Dr. Robert Kruschwitz and Dr. Paul Redditt, visited Regent’s Park College of Oxford University as emissaries of Dr. Bill Crouch. During that visit, the schools laid the groundwork for collaboration between the two schools. One of the proposals involved a joint six-year program, in which students would receive both a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown College and a Bachelor of Theology from Regent’s Park College. Students in this program would spend three years at Georgetown, three years at Regent’s Park, and earn two degrees in the process.

Regent’s Park College would require students to meet all its graduation requirements.
At Georgetown students would earn 96 hours, meet all general education requirements, and earn at least a minor in a department other than religion. The final 32 hours would be met by a student’s successful completion of the Bachelor of Theology or the equivalent of 32 hours at Regent’s Park in the event the student chooses not to stay the full three years. Possibly, though not necessarily, the entire 32 hours would be in the field of religion. Students in this program would automatically have a major in religion, most of it transferred back.

In the case of students who transfer to Georgetown from another college, a minimum of 25% of their course work would be taken here. If the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools raises the minimum number of hours required from the institution granting a degree, the new minimum would automatically apply to this program because a Georgetown degree is involved.

Students in the joint program would successfully complete all General Educations requirements at Georgetown. That would include Religion 221 and one other from Religion 222-4, and might include three semesters of Greek. Students would complete Religion 360. Internship, in order to provide some direct fieldwork in an American ecclesial setting. (This requirement fulfills a request by Regent’s Park). Beyond those requirements, students would be permitted to count toward the joint program no more than 6 additional hours in religion at Georgetown or any other institution attended before enrolling at Georgetown. Students in the program would fulfill the requirements for a minor (or a second major) outside the Religion Department. They would also complete at least one tutorial course here at Georgetown. If it were in the Religion Department, it too would count as 3 of the additional 6 hours allowable.

Required Hours
General EducationUp to 56 Hours
Religion CoursesReligion 360 and up to 6 additional hours
Minor15-22 hours
ElectivesThe balance, but no less than 9, unless a student chooses to complete a second major
Total at Georgetown College96

If students leave Regent’s Park College having completed less than the equivalent of 32 hours there, any hours remaining to reach 128 would be taken at Georgetown, though students would not have to complete 30 of their last 36 hours at Georgetown.

To enter this program, a student must be approved by the Academic Policy Committee.

B.A in Religion

Courses in Religion: 39 hours plus 9 hours of Greek

  • Required
    • REL103 Beginning Greek I
    • 104 Beginning Greek II
    • 203 Greek New Testament I
    • 211 Introduction to Christian Ministry
    • 221 New Testament I
    • 222 New Testament II
    • 223 Old Testament Law and History
    • 224 Old Testament Prophecy and Poetry
    • 301 Indian Religious Philosophies* or
    • 303 Eastern Religious Philosophies*
    • 325 Johannine Literature or
    • 327 Revelation
    • 329 History or
    • 411 Theology
    • 375 Special Topics in New Testament or
    • 376 Special Topics in Old Testament
    • 450 Seminar
  • Also Available
    • 111 Introduction to Missions
    • 204 Greek New Testament II
    • 319 Youth Ministries
    • 341 Women in the Christian Tradition
    • 375 NT Topics
    • 377 Special Topics in Religion
  • Courses in Other Departments
    • COA311 Communications for Ministers, 3 hours
    • PHI475 Special Topics in Philosophy of Religion
  • Allied Courses, 9 hours minimum
    • PHI355 Philosophy of Religion plus 2 of the following:
    • HIS338 Religion in American History
    • MUS422 Hymnology
    • SOC309 Sociology of Religion
  • Total: 60 hours minimum

*Could be listed in philosophy and another Religion course added

Suggested minors: Philosophy, English, Psychology, Sociology, History; others possible.

Example = Philosophy, 21 hours. The following would be ideal.

  • PHI150 Introduction to Philosophy
  • 151 Ethics
  • 152 Logic
  • 201 History of Philosophy I**
  • 203 History of Philosophy II**
  • 305 Contemporary Philosophy
  • 301, 303, or 355 from Religion major and allied courses or
  • 475 Special topics in Philosophy of Religion

**If the philosophy minor were not chosen, preferred historical sequence for general education