Program Coordinator:  Sheila Klopfer (


The Christian Leadership minor is designed to prepare students for Christian ministry in the Twenty-first century. Its primary focus is for service in the church and parachurch or non-profit Christian ministries. Built around a core of Vocation, Ministry, Biblical Studies, Church History, and Christian Theology courses, students benefit from the expertise of multiple disciplines in a Liberal Arts curriculum. Along with classroom experience, students will participate in service learning and practical experiences to better prepare them to serve in the twenty-first century.  (Students majoring in Religion may not minor in Christian Ministry)


21 semester hours required consisting of a 3 hour vocation’s course from the following list: PHI 195, PHI 395, or REL 357 (when offered as theology of vocation’s course);  6 hours from the following list of practical ministry courses: REL 211, 213, 215, 217, and 360; 3 hours from Biblical Studies: REL 325, 327, 371, and 373; 3 hours from Christian Theology or Cultural Historical Studies: REL 341, 343, 345, 357, and HIS 338; 6 hours from: PHI 151, 335, 345, 355, 385, MUS 422, 428, REL 253, PSY 242 and 260. At least 6 hours must be at or above the 300-level. Students may petition the Program Coordinator of the Christian Leadership minor to apply to their minor courses not listed here that are relevant to Christian ministry.

Recommended Sequence of Courses:

First Year:

Either SemesterCompleted
*PHI 195 Vocations Seminar (offered in the spring semester)
200 level REL practical ministry course

Second Year:

Either SemesterCompleted
200 level REL practical ministry course
300 level course in Christian Theology or Cultural Historical Studies 
*PHI 395 or REL 357 Vocations Seminar Course (offered in the spring semester)

Third Year:

Either SemesterCompleted
300 level course in Biblical Studies 
An elective course in Philosophy, Music, Psychology or World Religions 

Fourth Year:

Either  SemesterCompleted
An elective course in Philosophy, Music, Psychology or World Religions
**A 300 level REL Internship course
*If students pass PHI 195, they are not required to take PHI 395 or REL 357 and vice versa

**If students pass the 200 level REL Practical Ministry courses, they are not required to take a 300 Level REL internship course and vice versa

At least six of the minor hours must be at 300 level or above.