Baptism_(coptic_icon)In keeping with Georgetown’s traditions, the curriculum of the Religion Department emphasizes the study of Christianity but does so in the broad context of religious studies as they are encountered in the past and present. To accomplish this task, the department requires majors to demonstrate:

  • a basic understanding of the content of the Bible and an ability to interpret it in light of academic approaches;
  • an understanding of the cultural and historical dimensions of religious phenomena and demonstrate a capacity to analyze them critically by focusing on special historical and cultural topics of study;
  • a knowledge of the academic approaches to Christian theology;
  • a basic understanding of other world religions and a capacity to analyze them academically;
  • an ability to think critically about issues involving religious studies and to base conclusions on data from the appropriate major disciplines of religious studies.

Through the Core courses, the department additionally seeks to introduce students to the varieties of religious expression. Majors and minors in the department have the opportunity to gain experience in ministry through courses and an optional supervised practicum.

For information concerning majors and minors please see the Programs Section of this web site.