Determine first what courses are required for your major; this may include Allied courses also.

Take each course and the grade you received individually first to determine the points to use for calculation.


(Example- HIS111 you received a B= 3pts. and it is a 3 hour class. 3 X 3 = 9pts.)

Once you have done this for all your major courses and allied courses required for your major, add up all of the points for these courses and divide by the total number of hours for these courses.

EXAMPLE: Courses and hours used below are fictional examples only)

CourseCredit HrsGrade ReceivedPoints for Course
HIS1113 hrs.B=3pts.3 X 3= 9 pts.
HIS1123 hrs.A=4pts.4 X 3= 12 pts.
AMS2502 hrs.C=2pts.2 X 2= 4 pts.
GEO1002 hrs.A=4pts.1 X 4= 4 pts.
HIS3323 hrs.D=1pt.3 X 1= 3 pts.
HIS3333 hrs.C=2pts.3 X 2= 6 pts.
HIS4503 hrs.A=4pts.3 X 4= 12 pts.
ECO2213 hrs.B=3pts.3 X 3= 9 pts.
59 Total Points Divided by 21 Total Hours = 2.809 Major GPA