Undergraduate Summer 2016 Information

In summer sessions, Georgetown offers a number of Web-based courses for current or visiting undergraduate students, as well as exciting on-campus options.

Current students should log in to The Portal and utilize the course search function (Academic Info > Course Search & Registration) to explore and register for classes. (sessions May, S1 or S2).

Visiting students must be accepted before they may register for courses. Please contact the Office of Admissions regarding the enrollment process.

Summer 2016 Undergraduate Schedule

Online classes are notated with a section of “WA” and a meeting time of “WEB.” Meeting time information for online classes will be communicated by the professor. Please contact individual professors for meeting information. Course descriptions may be found in the College Catalog.

May 2016: 5/16/2016 - 5/27/2016
Course No.Course TitleHoursSectionFacultyTimeDaysBldgRoom
Communication and Media Studies
COMM471/SOC470Special Topics: Ethnography3ADummer10:00 - 2:00MTWRFAH123
PSY470Special Topics:
Psychology of Slavery3WALookadooTBAWEB
Summer One 2016: 5/31/2016 - 7/1/2016
Course No.Course TitleHrsSecFacultyTimeDaysBldgRoom
CHE102Liberal Arts Chemistry/No Lab (Q)3WAKnapp, MTBAWEB
CHE111General Chemistry & Lab (Q)4AHamilton9:00- 12:00MTWRFASC219
CHE201Organic Chemistry I3ASheridan 8:00-10:00MTWRFASC112
CHE202Organic Lab I-Tech & Synthesis1ASheridan10:30- 1:30MTWRFASC218
Communication and Media Studies
COMM345Emergent Media3WADickersonTBAWEB
ENG112English Composition II3WACook, CTBAWEB
ENG211English Literature Survey I (W)3WACook, CTBAWEB
MAT107College Algebra (Q)
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MUS107Music Appreciation2WABurnetteTBAWEB
Political Science
POS307Comparative Politics3WAScheierTBAWEB
PSY111General Psychology3WASingerTBAWEB
PSY240Lifespan Development3WABell, STBAWEB
PSY315Health Psychology3WALookadooTBAWEB
PSY337Psychology of Women (C)3WALookadooTBAWEB
REL235Old Testament I3WAClark, TTBAWEB
REL253Religions of the Modern World (C)3WAClark, TTBAWEB
Summer Two 2016: 7/7/2016 - 8/9/2016
Course No.Course TitleHrsSecFacultyTimeDaysBldgRoom
CHE112General Chemistry II (Q)3AHamilton9:00 - 11:00MTWRFASC218
CHE113Chemical Measurements Lab1AHamilton11:00 - 12:00MTWRFASC218
CHE309Organic Chemistry II3ASheridan 8:00-10:00MTWRFASC112
CHE310Lab Tech & Syn in Organic Chem1ASheridan10:30- 1:30MTWRFASC218
Communication and Media Studies
COMM200Personal & Interpersonal Communications3WADummerTBAWEB
ENG298World Literature Survey II (W) (C)3WACarter, STBAWEB
MUS307History of Rock & Roll3WABurnetteTBAWEB
Political Science
POS300World Politics3WAScheierTBAWEB
PSY111General Psychology3WASingerTBAWEB
PSY470Special Topics: Sport Psychology3WALookadooTBAWEB

Financial Information

On-Campus Courses: $800 per credit hour

Off-Campus/Online Courses: $410 per credit hour

Other fees may apply. Please contact the Business Office for additional information regarding summer charges and payment.

Online Courses at Georgetown College

The Moodle course management system is a platform for online course interaction at Georgetown, making access to your class available from most anywhere in the world.  Once you have registered for an online course, you will be contacted by the course professor (not necessarily right away) to share more about your next steps for accessing the course.

You should be contacted via email ahead of the class start date.

While online courses provide a unique opportunity for interaction with professors and other students with a flexible schedule in a “no back seats” environment, online classes have requirements, products, and deadlines just like any other academic pursuit.  Student initiative is even more important to success in such classes.

For a Moodle tutorial, consider this site:  Moodle Student FAQ

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