The Oxford Program is a partnership between Georgetown College and Regent’s Park College, the Baptist college within Oxford University. You can grow intellectually at Regent’s Park as you study philosophy (or choose from among 12 other disciplines) and transfer credits back to Georgetown. Or you may prepare for the Christian ministry by earning an applied theology degree from Oxford University.

Regent’s Park College

Regent’s Park CollegeIn the center of the city of Oxford, Regent’s Park College is a small, friendly community of about 120 students.

With a world reputation in Baptist higher education, Regent’s Park College is thoroughly ecumenical in outlook with every major denomination of the Christian church represented. The College is developing a Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture that explores the relation between theology and various aspects of culture.

Regent’s Park College students are active in the wider life of Oxford University, especially in drama, sports, and music.

Oxford Tutorial Program

Study for a term or a year (usually in your junior year) as a visiting student at Regent’s Park College. With Oxford tutors you may take tutorial courses in English, Geography, Modern History, Philosophy and Theology, and Theology.

Your credits will transfer to Georgetown College. By planning ahead you may count these toward your major, minor, general education and elective hours for your bachelor degree from Georgetown College.

Joint Degrees for Christian Ministry

Bachelor Degree (BA or BS) Georgetown College & Bachelor of Theology (BTh) Oxford University

Study the first three years at Georgetown College for general education and a minor of your choice (except religion). Then study for three years for the Christian ministry at Regent’s Park College. Thirty-two hours of credit will transfer to Georgetown College to complete your major in religion. You will gain practical ministry experience both in Kentucky and in the United Kingdom.

Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) Georgetown College & Master of Theology (MTh) Oxford University

At Georgetown College complete a special undergraduate program rich in religion studies plus a minor in history, philosophy, literature, or social science. Continue your preparation for Christian ministry with two year of graduate study guided by tutors of Regent’s Park College, one year in the United Kingdom and the second year in Kentucky.


Is the Oxford Program expensive?

Tuition, room and board at Regent’s Park College is comparable to total fees at Georgetown College. Many college, state, and federal financial aid programs will apply to your study in Oxford because this partnership is an extension of your Georgetown College enrollment.

How selective is the program?

Oxford University is one of the most respected universities in the world. A committee of Georgetown   faculty may recommend students to Regent’s Park College but the admission decisions will be made by the appropriate faculties of Regent’s Park and Oxford University. The best background for admission is a high GPA in all subjects, A-level grades in some upper-division courses in the field(s) you want to read at Oxford, and a strong portfolio of writing in a tutorial course.

How does one prepare?

Share your interest in studying at Regent’s Park with the director of the Oxford Programs as early as possible. If you are interested in either the Oxford Tutorial Program or the BTh, the director will help you plan your Georgetown College curriculum to prepare.  There is a specific four-year course of study in preparation for the MTh degree.

More Information

Dr. Bradford S. Hadaway, Director of the Oxford Programs
Box 251
Georgetown College
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