Philosophy Major

(B.A. degree) Thirty semester hours required, including PHI 152, 201, 203, at least one upper-division history of philosophy course (315, 412, or 435) and either 440 or 450.

Philosophy Minor

Eighteen semester hours required, including PHI 152, 201, and 203.

Business Administration and Ethics Major

(B.S. degree) Sixty hours required. Twenty-four hours in Business Administration and Economics including ECO 221, 223, BUA 210, 211, 326, 330, 348 and three hours from the following: BUA 335, 353, 367, 377, 450 or ECO 425; and twenty four hours in Philosophy including PHI 151, 152, 201, 203, 325, 335, either 440 or 450, and one additional PHI elective; plus twelve allied hours from the following: COMM 312, 315; SOC 319; POS 319, 407; PSY 260; CSC 107; BIO 314; HIS 430. (No minor is required.)

Honors Program

Every honors student must complete an Honors Thesis or Project. Honors students in philosophy will write their thesis while registered for an independent study.

A student writing an Honors Thesis will need to complete an Honors Thesis Proposal. Ideally, the proposal would be submitted before the student begins the semester in which the thesis will be written; however, in some cases the proposal can be submitted after the beginning of the project (once sufficiently plans for the project are completed). The Honors Program Committee will review the proposal to confirm that the project meets the standards for Honors Program work.

The completed project must be approved by the project’s director (the professor overseeing the thesis project or independent study). After that approval, the completed project must be submitted to the Honors Program Committee, which will then vote on accepting the thesis for Honors credit. If approved, the thesis will be placed in the Georgetown College archives.

The Honors Program is excellent preparation for graduate work in philosophy or any other academic field.

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