georgetown & oxford logosUnder the leadership of William H. Crouch, President of Georgetown College at the time, and Paul S. Fiddes, Principal of Regent’s Park College at the time, a partnership was formed between the two schools in 1998 for the mutual edification of the educational enterprise of both schools. Since then, over 150 Georgetown College students have participated in the Oxford Tutorial Program, and recently students from Regent’s Park have begun to participate in classes and tutorials at Georgetown in preparation for finals at Oxford University.  Georgetown has also placed students into other degree programs at Oxford–e.g., the Master of Theology program at Regent’s Park College and a second BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE).

Georgetown faculty have benefited greatly because of the partnership as well.  A fourth of the faculty at Georgetown has served as a tutor for students preparing for the Tutorial Program, and they enjoy a close, academic relationship with their tutees, often serving as letter writers when students later pursue graduate school or employment.  And another fourth of the faculty has spent time doing research and participating in college life at Regent’s Park College, Oxford as a result of the partnership.  Finally, due to the generosity of the McCandless family at the inception of the partnership, a member of academic staff from both Regent’s Park and Georgetown participate in a lecture exchange each spring.

The Oxford Programs have become an academic centerpiece at Georgetown College, and we hope that more and more students and faculty members from both institutions will come to reap the benefits of participation.  Please consult the items on the left side menu bar for an account of the opportunities available to Georgetown College students and faculty.