Anyone wishing to use the flat designated Wheeler Robinson 1A must apply in writing to the Dean/Provost of Georgetown College with a copy to the Director of the International Programs.

In this letter state your purpose for wishing to use the flat, and give the inclusive dates you wish to reserve the flat for your use. The letter should be accompanied by a detailed research or professional development proposal as described in the form titled “Wheeler Robinson Flat Research/Professional Development Proposal.” If your proposal is approved, you will be expected to submit a one page report regarding the outcomes of your project within one month after your return to the United States.

Please note that the primary purpose of the Wheeler Robinson flat is to provide faculty members with research and professional development support and to foster a connection with colleagues from our partner institution. The flat is not a bed and breakfast or a vacation home during European excursions. Though in some cases the flat may be reserved for a short period of time without a specific research or professional development proposal, all such requests will be considered on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Provost subject to the priority constraints given below.

If you wish to invite family or guests to visit you during the time you reserve, you must indicate those inclusive dates. The flat is a three bedroom, shared facility. Others may be assigned a room in the flat during the same time period (subject to approval by the Provost/Dean of Georgetown College).

Whenever two or more reservations for the same date(s) are requested within the same month, approval of the request will be based on the following set of priorities:

  1. Anyone on official business with Regent’s Park College (e.g., McCandless Lecturer, Georgetown College President or Provost when on college business.)
  2. College faculty with an approved research or professional development proposal ranked according to the following priorities.  First priority will be given to those faculty members with an approved project who are asking for sabbatical accommodations (special weight will be granted if the project has a clear connection to research, personnel, or geographical resources closely associated with RPC, Oxford, or the UK in general).  Second priority will be given to faculty members with an approved project who are not seeking sabbatical accommodations (again, special weight will be granted if the project has a clear connection to research, personnel, or geographical resources closely associated with RPC, Oxford, or the UK in general). KCTCS faculty or administration doing research during “blocks” assigned by agreement.
  3. College administrators not on official business.
  4. Trustees, potential donors, or distinguished guests of Georgetown College.
  5. KCTCS faculty members or administrators doing research at Oxford during “slots.”
  6. Overflow from the Marshall Center.
  7. Any of the above personnel not doing approved research, professional development, or on official business.
  8. Georgetown College staff members as approved by the Provost.
    In some instances, faculty and administrators of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) are promised use of the flat during assigned periods of the year.  During those periods, they are given priority over others.

Under rare and extraordinary circumstances, the President of Georgetown College may contravene the priority rankings above when it is deemed in the best interests of Georgetown or the partnership with Regent’s Park College.

Please consult the suggested reservation request deadlines on the “Wheeler Robinson Flat Research/Professional Development Proposal” form. Make your reservation request several months in advance of your desired date to use the flat. Reservation slots made more than six months in advance for those with approved projects will be allocated on a first come first served basis subject to the priority constraints mentioned above (e.g., the McCandless lecturer takes precedence over faculty members with legitimate projects, but if two faculty members submit proposals for the same time period and both are legitimate non-sabbatical projects, the request received first will be given precedence). Requests for the Wheeler Robinson Flat without any official business or without an approved project will only be granted with a tentative status until six months prior to the requested dates. If no separate request for the same dates is received and accompanied by a project proposal which is approved, the tentative status will be removed and the reservation secured.

Non-adult children may stay in the flat subject to space limitations, prior arrangement, and approval by the Provost.

Acceptance of an application for a reservation will be determined by the Provost of Georgetown College.  Decisions on reservation requests will be made at the end of the month in which the application is made, and notification will be given in writing.