"Tiger Bands On The Road Series"

"Grrr...Excursions" [that which we call Tiger Band Travel here around the South Farm] have become a very integral and important part of our yearly Tiger Band Schedule. Our Tiger Bands "On the Road Series" has always been very popular and has included our recent Tulsa I, St. Louis I, Pittsburgh, Nashville I, Dayton, Tulsa II, Knoxville, Nashville II, Jackson, Memphis, Tulsa III [who will ever forget being with Happy & the Boys as they won the National Championship], St. Louis II, Savannah I, Tulsa IV and Savannah II [also - who will ever forget being with Bill & the Boys as they won their first National Championship], Savannah III [as Bill & the Boys won their second National Championship], KCI [the first of many] delightful jaunts to Kansas City, Savannah IV, Nashville III, KCII - 2005, KC3-2007, MGE [aka Mini-Grrr.. Excursions ~ TN - Fall of 2007 and Kansas City - Spring of 2008] trips and our most-recent major jaunt - KC2011 - March 15-22, 2011. Grrr...Excursions is/are always an enjoyable way to travel and generally guarantees satisfaction [Cloverdale, IN - 1996 Tulsa II being the possible exception - Grrr...]

Because of the resounding success of our past Grrr... Excursions, many opportunities for Band Travel always present themselves.

For our 2014-2015 Performance Season we are planning [as you likely know] a major Grrr... Excursions [KCMMXV]. This will be a major project and wonderful "thing" for us all [contingent upon funding, scheduling, et al]. And who knows, there might be some Mini-Grrr... Excursions along the way. We shall also be open to other possibilities and potentialities as they present themselves.

Upon this and all we shall be in touch.

Additionally, in the near future [sometime] we are going to begin a travel series with our Tiger Symphonic Band as we continue efforts to bring the "good word" of our Tiger Bands to many folks throughout the nation. We must remember that Band Travel is always a "privilege - not a right" and we must take this responsibility very seriously.


Prior to any Grrr...Excursion, you will provided with a rather comprehensive TourPac which will fully describe all aspects of the particular trip in question, as well as general travel guidelines.  It is always important to remember that we want to travel, like to travel and know that it is good for us to travel. To this end, we want to promote all issues which will help in this regard.

Travel Roster

Due to the nature of some Grrr... Excursions and restrictions on "playing members"  in some venues, we have resorted to the "travel  roster" concept for Tiger Band Travel. In many ways we have become victims of our own success, as our Tiger Bands have grown more than we ever dreamed possible or in some instances, can afford financially. [this is a good problem - not a bad, evil problem] To this end, we sometimes travel with a specified number only [i.e. 25 members, 1 director, 4 chaperones]. When utilizing the "travel roster" concept we make all attempts to be fair and impartial, using the following criteria ...

musical contribution
overall instrumentation
ability or potential to "travel well"
general attitude

For the past few years, our Tiger Band Scholars have performed for well-over 250,000 folks annually at a plethora of events and Excellence and Quality have been, and are, our hallmarks. I know that wherever our Band Paths lead us this year, you will again "step up to the plate" to ensure the unqualified success of all performance and travel engagements.

Tiger Band's Weekly Spiritual Moments

A hallmark of our Tiger Band Program - are our Weekly Devotionals/Spiritual Moments [AKA "Devos"]. We start each week in this fashion, and it provides a reflective moment and a respite from the normal, hectic pace of Scholar Life. "Devos" were instituted for our Tiger Bands by our first "Spiritual Advisor" Scholar Matthew [Matt Sturtevant] - several years ago. For the next three years, our "Devos" were ably coordinated and led by "Sister Susan" [aka Susan Reed]. For the next two years Devos and our collective spiritual lives and growth were coordinated by the much-beloved "Killer" [aka Emily Hales Bennett] During 2003-2004, our good friend David Taliaferro assumed the mantle of Spiritual Advisor. Starting during the 2004-2005 season, we were downright giddy that Miss Kelly [aka Kelly Kays, G.R.O.E.] became the Spiritual Leader for our Tiger Bands - a role which she filled through the Spring of 2007. Spiritual Advisor for 07-08 was Elizabeth Simpson and for 08-09 was Sara Clarke. From 2009-2011 the extraordinary Rebecca Thomspon served as Spiritual Advisor for our Tiger Bands.

Again for 2014-2015, Miss Haley Lepper will be the Spiritual Advisor for our Tiger Bands. I know she will continue to bring a great deal to our Tiger Band Family and add enormously to the legacy of this important role.

During the course of the year, we look forward in hearing readings and reflections from many of the Band Scholars. It must be remembered that we look at music-making in the strict Baroque sense as defined by Mr. J. S. Bach as a "Gift back to the Giver" - music as a supreme celebration of the great gifts which we all enjoy.

Service/Stewardship Projects

A hallmark of our Tiger Bands and the Band Scholars is our commitment to assorted Service/Stewardship Projects.

Windsor Gardens Project

During the 2007-2008 academic year, we began an ongoing relationship with the fine folks of the Windsor Gardens Retirement Center. Few offerings have been as meaningful to our work and efforts. Michael Gilkison took the original leadership role in our monthly visits to Windsor Gardens and helped to establish this great opportunity. We shall continue this special relationship during our May The Grrr... Be With You Performance Season.

Depending upon our schedule and performance obligations, we like to visit - interact with the fine folks of Windsor Gardens about once a month [some years, less-so].

I am tickled that we shall continue to explore and expand the possibilities of this relationship. This continues to represents an exciting opportunity for us - as we all learn and grow together

Fall Food Collection Project

This fall, as we have since 1993 - the beginning of the "modern era" of our Tiger Bands - we will be collecting a "food offering". The price of admission to our Fall Symphonic Band "Anniversary Concert" is canned or processed foodstuffs which we take to the A.M.E.N. House and they distribute to the less-fortunate members of our Georgetown-Scott County community. This is and has been a good project in the past and we consider it a privilege to continue it in the future.

Festival of the Horse Parade ~ Friends of the Library
Fire Prevention Week ~ Local Fire Department
Lady Tiger Classic ~ Habitat for Humanity
Phon-A-Thon ~ Georgetown College

Additionally, through performances and participation at several other key, local events - each year we are able to support notable charities and philanthropic organizations in a meaningful fashion. We consider it a privilege and a pleasure to be involved in these events.

Each year, every college and university band program in the Commonwealth is given the opportunity to nominate band members for the annual Kentucky Inter-Collegiate Band [The KIB]. From this nomination process, the membership is selected. The KIB rehearses and performs at the annual KMEA Music Convention in Louisville which takes place in February.

Our Georgetown College Tiger Band Scholars have always fared very well in the KIB [annually getting between four and six selected for this prestigious ensemble - which is a true point of pride for our work and efforts]. Kibbie is a great opportunity for our members to have the chance to play with such an extraordinary ensemble.

Recent guest conductors have included the legendary Paula Crider [1994], Ray Cramer [1995], Karel Husa [1996], Jerry Junkin [1997], H. Robert Reynolds [1998], Felix Hauswirth [1999], Allan McMurray [2000], David Stanhope [2001], James Croft [2002] , James Curnow [2003], Dr. Tom Lee [2004], Dr. Frank Wickes [2005], Professor Ronnie Wooten [2006], Lazslo Marosi [2007], Paula Crider [2008], Ralph Hultgren [2009], Craig Kirchhoff [2010], Ray Cramer [2011], Gary Green [2012] and John Whitwell [2013]

This year's [2015] conductor for the KIB will be Allan McMurray

In about October, we shall put forth in nomination several Band Scholars, some of whom shall undoubtedly be selected [based upon our past success at Kibbie]. The 2014 Kentucky Intercollegiate Band will take place in Louisville [KMEA] on February 4-7. We know that those Band Scholars selected will well-represent both Georgetown College and our Tiger Bands.

From 1997 to 1999,  I served as the KMEA "Coordinator" for  the KIB which for those two years, greatly enhanced our Georgetown College involvement [the now-departed Flash & Ram-Jet, our much-beloved Hoss-Cat, Worker Bees & Co. were invaluable] Then we had one year of "normalcy" [1999-2000] - thankfully - as we returned to the role of just a  "participating" institution. In 2000-2001, because the duly-elected Coordinator, our good friend, Dr. Hayes "flew the coop" [for which I shan't soon forgive him] and the "Coordinator-Elect", Dr. Sue Creasap of Morehead had not had the advantage of the one year "in training" for the role - we were again drafted and I served, along with Dr. Creasap, as "Co-Coordinator" [again with the invaluable help of assorted "Worker Bees" including Little Jason, Hoss-Cat, Itzhak & MIR]. In 2003, normalcy again returned. For the 2007 Kibbie experience - we were again pressed into service and PLUR/Tink, Miles Per Gallon and I had the incredible opportunity to work with Maestro Laszlo Marosi. For the past two years normalcy and calmness remained a part of our world as our Band Friend, Dr. Amy Acklin, ram-rodded the event. This year [2015] the Coordinator will be Dr. Mark Lynn. These days and times, I do serve on the permanent Kibbie Advisory Committee [with Dr. Sue Creasap] and manage the Kibbie Web-Blog. Grrr...

In the fall, the nomination process will take place - and we will then select Band Scholars to represent Georgetown College at this prestigious event. It is truly a great opportunity to participate in this ensemble of the finest college and university band members from throughout the Commonwealth and under the baton of a world-class conductor. For more information regarding the "Kibbie Experience" please go to the following, a web-based site which I created and maintain for the Kentucky Intercollegiate Band.

Kentucky Intercollegiate Band - Web


Hymn Howlers & Small Ensembles

There are many, many instrumental opportunities for interested Scholars here at Georgetown including the Chapel Brass and depending upon the semester, our Tiger Band Woodwind Choir, "Bahb's Family" [saxophone quartet], The Chamber String Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, etc.. In the Spring of 1998, however, we also founded  a "foursome" known as the "Hymn Howlers". The original ensemble comprised of C. Acklin, I. LaRue, K. Brown and P. LaRue - performed locally as well as traveled with Dr. Crouch. For the past several years, the "HH" have expanded slightly and again performed in several, sacred venues [the actual size of the HH varies a tad from year to year]. In addition to the HH, we also will provide other small ensembles for special events [e.g. the Memorial Service for Kim Summers - Spring 2009 and/or our ongoing visits to Windsor Gardens] and we consider it a privilege and a pleasure to so do.

The Hymn Howler membership for 2009-2010 will probably include - Erica Miller, Stephen Parker, Evan Harrell, Dewey Creech and P. LaRue.

We shall also be looking at - more small ensemble offerings [such as Team Flute and Team Horn last year].

These groups shall be just another example of the flexibility and versatility of our Band Scholars.

Disciples of Mayhem

One of the greatest events in which our Tiger Bands have ever been involved was the "Disciples of Mayhem" [DOM] in the spring of 1997. We entered into a relationship with our good friends in Theater Land as we performed the wonderful "Joseph" - a project which yielded untold and unexpected rewards for all. [as the great experience is now in the somewhat distant-past - please understand that DOM is what we call our "pit band - combo" for musical productions Grrr...] In the near future, we are planning/hoping to continue this relationship as we have the "Return of Mayhem" [AKA DOM II]. These experiences have added immeasurably to our Tiger Band Life, and helped to further "round out" our overall instrumental offerings.

World Premiere Compositions

Okie-Dokie - it probably goes without saying that one of the biggest events in the life of our Tiger Bands, in the life of Georgetown College was the internationally-acclaimed David R. Holsinger being commissioned by us and composing expressly for our Tiger Symphonic Band Legacy Music.



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