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Provost with Dean Award winners

Outstanding Students Lauded on Honors Day

Submitted on April 21, 2022

Students who excel in their studies were honored at the annual Academic Honors Day program, Tuesday, April 19th. Scores of students came to the stage to receive 206 awards and more than $29,000 in scholarships from Provost Jonathan Sands Wise and faculty representatives from the various academic departments. 


Three top seniors recognized for their academic excellence in received the prestigious Dean’s Award. They were Joabe Barbosa, Micah Cummings, and Shawn Fairchild. All three will be furthering their education this fall. 


Joabe, who managed a triple major in religion, psychology, and communication and media studies, was born in Brazil, but raised in England. He played soccer for the College and was a student ambassador for admissions. He has been accepted into the doctorate program at Rooosevelt University in Chicago with plans to become a licensed psychologist and public speaker.


“This college, and especially its faculty members, has been monumental in helping align me in life. Being accepted into a distinguished doctoral program is all due to faculty members knowing me as an individual, rather than merely as a number¾able to speak into my skills, my character, and my potential,” said Joabe, who named advisor Dr. Karyn McKenzie as one who “went out of her way to assist me in every way possible.”


Micah Cummings majored in biochemistry with a corollary major in professional Spanish. The Cincinnati native was a member of Science Honors, Christian Scholars, Health Scholars, and the Black Student Union. She will be attending the University of Kentucky’s School of Medicine and plans to become a doctor but is undecided on her specialization choice. 


Like Joabe, Micah is grateful for her Georgetown College experience. “It has afforded me many more opportunities than I would have at most colleges. The Honors program helped me focus on my writing and analytical skills, and the Health Scholars program allowed me to shadow alumni and experience the setting of doctors' offices so that I can participate in experiential learning.” She says the leadership opportunities she was given in organizations like Emerging Leaders and Phi Mu have shaped her for the future. “They made me the woman that I am today, one that has strong ideals and is equipped to advocate for myself and others.”


Shawn Fairchild majored in philosophy and double minored in Classics and Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Shawn is from Louisa, Ky. and will be attending graduate school at the University of Hawaii to study comparative philosophy. He distinguished himself early in his college career by having an article published in the Harvard University undergraduate classics journal, Persephone. He studied at Oxford University twice while attending here. Provost Sands Wise gave out the award by saying, “(Shawn’s) sense of intellectual curiosity is only matched by his love of Plato.”


Shawn says, “It would be no overstatement to say that the support of Georgetown College has allowed me to bring all of my dreams into fruition. The College planted within me seeds of truth, and throughout my years there, those seeds grew into ripe fruits. The education has been second to none. Truly, the faculty is top-notch, both in class and out. Georgetown engendered within me the character and virtues necessary to live a good life; and for that, I will be forever grateful.”


Now in its second year, the Stephon Burton Courage, Character and Leadership Endowed Scholarship was awarded through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. This year’s recipient is Antwan Howell, a junior from Columbus, Ohio, majoring in exercise science.  


Antwan says, “I want to use science to change the world in different ways and help people achieve their goals. As a biochemist, I will be able to work with sports¾in which I have participated my whole life¾as well as help the general population make improvements on the human body that will lead to improvements in our species as a whole, down the line.”

The event was recorded and can be watched here:

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