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Georgetown College Best in Ky for Getting a Job for Third Consecutive Year

Submitted on August 3, 2020

For the third consecutive year, Georgetown College has been named the best college in Kentucky for students getting a job or into graduate school. With students increasingly focused on college kickstarting their careers, GC stands out as the very best in the Commonwealth.

“Georgetown College stands out in Kentucky and the Southeast for the transformational education that we offer to our students,” said President Will Jones. “At Georgetown, you will receive a championship-level education of the heart and mind. It is this type of education that prepares you well to succeed beyond our beautiful campus. Graduate school deans and supervisors at some of America’s best companies know that Georgetown graduates are prepared academically and ready to make a difference in the lives of others.”

According to the College Scorecard Data provided by the Department of Education, Georgetown College’s placement rate of 92 percent of its graduates getting a job or into graduate school ranks number one in Kentucky. The championship-level education of the heart and mind provided by Georgetown College truly makes its graduates stand out to employers. Engendering a commitment to excellence in its students, GC also provides a personal touch that allows students to succeed.

“I think our students are successful because of their personal commitment and strength, but two things about our academic model certainly help,” said Provost and Dean of the College, Dr. Rosemary Allen. “First, the liberal arts curriculum, with its focus on the development of a broad range of skills and competencies, provides the important ‘soft skills’ that complement our strong instruction in major programs. And perhaps more important is the powerful network of Georgetown College faculty and staff who believe in our students and will move heaven and earth to help them be successful after graduation.”

Along with this successful academic model, students are afforded ample opportunities to take on leadership positions around campus, as well as participate in shadowing, internship, and research projects throughout their career at GC.

Georgetown College’s vast and deeply connected alumni network also aids students in being so successful after graduation. “As alumni, we are connected to so many people – not only the friends we made while on campus, but also other alumni who have offered to help students and fellow alumni find internships or jobs when they find out about the GC connection,” said Director of Alumni Relations, Laura Owsley. “As alumni, we know what the Georgetown College experience meant to each of us and how it prepared us for graduate school and our careers.”

Students from Georgetown College are accepted to medical schools, law schools, and other graduate programs at extremely high rates. The college’s Pre-Med Program has a medical school acceptance rate of nearly 100 percent for fully qualified students, and students in GC’s Pre-Law Program have been accepted into law school at such schools as UC-Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Emory, and Georgetown University. Students who begin their careers after GC become successful in whichever career they choose thanks to the transformational education they receive.

This is what sets Georgetown College apart. Students, no matter their major or area of interest, leave GC with a commitment to excellence, the ‘soft skills’ required to succeed, and a dedicated team of faculty, staff, alumni, and friends all rooting for them and helping them become the very best version of themselves.


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