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Divisions and Departments Honor Student Academic Achievement

Divisions and Departments Honor Student Academic Achievement

Submitted on April 24, 2018

“The best day of our academic year.” With those words, Provost Rosemary Allen welcomed students, their families and friends, faculty, and staff to Georgetown College’s annual Academic Honors Day in John L. Hill Chapel. Academic Honors Day is a time when the campus community comes together to celebrate and recognize outstanding student achievement.

The ceremony includes special recognition by departments within the school’s five major academic divisions: Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural and Life Science, Professional Studies, and Social Science. It ends with the presentation of the prestigious Dean’s Honor Award.

Deans Award Winners Kindrick and Dixon with Provost Allen

All of the awards given during the fast-paced presentation hour are significant in rewarding excellence in academic pursuit. However, the Dean’s Honor Award represents a true milestone. Two outstanding students received the recognition this year. They are Jessica Diane Kindrick and Raleigh Powell Dixon, pictured here with Provost Allen.

Dixon has been actively involved in campus life, with the student newspaper, The Georgetonian, with faith and service initiatives, with Model UN and Mock Trial, and his fraternity, said Dr. Allen. She added that his academic excellence was confirmed during his successful term at Oxford University and through the practical application of his abilities during his internship with Kentucky’s Secretary of State. After graduating, Dixon plans to attend law school at the University of Kentucky.

“Our second winner is the poster child for a liberal arts education,” commented Dr. Allen in announcing Jessica Kindrick for a Dean’s Award. “She is involved in an array of extracurricular activities, and her extraordinary work ethic and positive attitude are evident to everyone who knows her.” Kindrick is completing a triple major in biology, chemistry, and psychology. She, too, studied at Oxford. Additionally, she did summer research at the National Cancer Institute and so impressed those with whom she worked that she received an invitation to return to the lab as a post-baccalaureate researcher.

Following is a listing of all awards and recipients.

Maria Leonard Book Award
Sydney Anelle Berry
Sara Elise McKinney

Highest GPA 4.0 among Graduating Women
Sydney Anelle Berry
Sara Elise McKinney

James Roberts Travel Scholarships
Spencer M. Sims

Fogle Cultural Travel Scholarships
Lindsey Viktoria Astrom
Matthew Alan Moberly
Paradise Antonia Stanford

KIIS Scholarships
Yasmina M. Hussien
Taylor N. Irwin

Ronald E. Meredith Leadership Scholarship
Haleigh M.Bevins

Civic Engagement Award
Megan Carlyle Gribbins



Two-Dimensional Award
Kendal Allyn Warren

Three-Dimensional Award
Aidan Michelle Young

Photography Award
Renee C. Toole

First Penguin Award
Kiana Alexus White

Outstanding Writing in Art
Shannon Katelyn Cook

Outstanding Senior
Landry Gray Jung

Adelia “Dee Dee’ McMakin Owens Art Scholarships
Avery Nancy Blackmon
Petra C. Navarro

W. Vinson and Garnett Pierce Art Scholarship
Kallie Elizabeth Fleming

Jim McCormick and Robert Williams Art Scholarship
Keri Elizabeth O’Toole


Curry/Marchman Scholarship
Shannon L. Eckelkamp

Catherine Cress Martin Scholarship
Marissa A. Thompson

Betty Yancey Griffith Scholarship
Emily J. Eader

A.G. Thomson Scholarship
Angela M. Jones

Kenneth M. Wells Music Scholarship
Stanford Alexander Broadwater

Grace Weller Piano Scholarship
Stanford Alexander Broadwater

Theatre and Film

Maskrafters of the Year
Miriam Elaine Housewright
Devon Brice Williams

Outstanding Seniors in Theatre and Film
Miriam Elaine Housewright
Edward Harrison Smith
Devon Brice Williams

George McGee – Winterpast Theatre Endowed Scholarships
Jeremy Wayne Mize
Emma Lucette White

Joy Parsons Scholarships
Harley Macintrye
Emily J. Eader

Tyro Award
Jessalyn Brown
Lauren Renae Parkinson



W.B. Jones Awards for Excellence
Brooke Nachole Jent
Rebecca Nicole Lee
Noah T. Murphy

Coleman Arnold Award for Excellence
Whitney R. Bryan


Outstanding Senior in Philosophy
Evan Carter Moore

Outstanding Performance in a Lower Division Philosophy Class
Stanford Alexander Broadwater

Ruth and Jim Heizer Book Award
Elizabeth Nicole Martin


Outstanding Students in Bible
Adam Joseph Branca
David Earl Reagan

Outstanding Student in Church History
Adam Joseph Branca

Outstanding Student in Theology
Afton N. Curtsinger

Outstanding Student in Ministry
Alex Brody

Outstanding Student in World Religions
Stanford Alexander Broadwater

Outstanding Student in Greek
Josiah B. Haller

Best Performances in a Lower Division Religion Course
Laura Catherine Doll
Alexis C. Payne

Outstanding Seniors in Religion
Raleigh Powell Dixon
William James Thomas

Ora Lunceford Memorial Scholarship
Bethanie Nicole Maynard

Ernest J. & Katherine Weller Award in Religion
Marcus Montgomery Price, II

Adda F. Layton Hilke & Ruth Hilke Scholarship
Tatum Alan Miller

Henry and Shirley Walters Award
William James Thomas

World Languages

Best Performances in German
Lauren N. Cross
Shelby Hope West

Best Performances in French
Noah T. Murphy
Rebecca P. Slagle

Best Performance in Latin
Kassidy Michele Rauh

Best Performances in Spanish
Hannah M. Montgomery
Lauren Renae Parkinson

Best Performance in Japanese
Megan R. Cromer

Outstanding Senior in a World Language
Jessica B. Rounce



First Year Awards
Coby Leigh Bessinger
Dawna Grace Boudot
William Z. Muniz
William Philip_Duc Nguyen

Second Year Awards
Jean-Pierre A. Amoakon
Brady Patrick Parlato
Josey Louise Sobolewski
Jessica Marie Tapp

Biology Department Chairperson Award
Emily Brooks McKinley

Outstanding Seniors in Biological Science
Jodi M. DeJohn
Jessica Diane Kindrick

Robert T. Hinton Scholarships
Emily Ann Altman
Luke Sharrock


W.I. Lewis Memorial Scholarship
Hunter Chazden Hall

Herbert Anderson, Jr., Scholarships
Brian Michael_Grant Ross

Verberg Medical School Award
Jodi M. DeJohn


Outstanding Student in General Chemistry
Coby Leigh Bessinger

Outstanding Service to the American Chemical Society Student Affiliates
Lindsey Paige Chavis

Outstanding Senior Chemistry Major
Jessica Diane Kindrick

C.R. Alexander Award for Outstanding Student in Organic Chemistry
Jean-Pierre A. Amoakon

American Chemical Society Award in Analytical Chemistry
Madeline J. Ramser

J. Stanton Pierce Gamma Sigma Epsilon Award
Austin B. Bambach

The John Blackburn Award
Rebecca Hope Grinnell

Environmental Science

Outstanding Senior in Environmental Science
Jennifer Marie Howell

Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science

Outstanding Performances in Calculus
Lauren Ann Fazenbaker
Philipp Heinrich Hoeper
Hunter Joseph Nosek

Outstanding Performances in Upper Level Mathematics
Stanford Alexander Broadwater
Hailey Nichole Ison
Hayden Michael Shelton

Outstanding Performance in Upper Level Physics
Johnathan Cole McCreary

Outstanding Performances in Computer Science
Lucas A. Harrison
Sara Mary Sandman

Outstanding Senior in Computational Sciences
Shae Hardt Henry

Outstanding Performance by an Aspiring Physicist
Cleome T. Kerseg

Outstanding Performance in Elementary Statistics
Jodie L. Smith

J.W. Rogers Scholarship
Rebecca P. Slagle


Business Administration and Economics

Outstanding Senior in Accounting
Jessica B. Rounce

Outstanding Senior in Economics
Nicholas De Villalobos Paz

Outstanding Senior in Management
Dalton Craig Ledbetter

Outstanding Senior in Finance
Nicholas John Otis

Outstanding Senior in Marketing
Logan Andrew Smart

Department Chair Awards for Business Achievement
Donya Hikko Baker

Mark Birdwhistell Awards for Elcellence in Health Care Administration
Anthony Joseph Berk
Gracen R. Howard

John E. Drake Accounting Award
Shannon L. Eckelkamp

Mary Louise Foust Accounting Award
Cassidy Rae Janes


Outstanding Students in Elementary Education
Susannah Louise_Mi Heuer
Victoria Grace Smith

Outstanding Student in Secondary and/or P-12 Education
Sydney Anelle Berry

Debbie McRoberts Scholarship in Elementary Education
Micah Nicole Fruth

Mary Jane Roberts Award
Abigail Grace Schremp

Kinesiology and Health Studies

Outstanding Health Science Senior
Aubrey Victoria Walter

Outstanding Exercise Science Senior
Christian Conner Ford

Outstanding Athletic Training Senior
Rachel Brooke Daniels


Communications and Media Studies

Outstanding Juniors in Communication and Media Studies
Leslie Pearl Fries
Taylor N. Irwin
Martina LeShaye Lytle

Outstanding Seniors in Communication and Media Studies
Christopher L. Gilbody
Abigail Spencer Hackett

Roger Alan Bailey Memorial Scholarship
Jodi Danielle Ansert


Carl Fields Phi Alpha Theta Award
Noah J. Krieger

Mary Wharton American History Award
Richard M. Brandon

James Heizer Award in European/Asian History
Andrew Michael McDonald

Horace T. Hambrick Writing Award
Noah J. Krieger

Carlton/Deason Scholarship
Alexis C. Payne

Political Science

Outstanding Student in International Relations
Raleigh Powell Dixon

Outstanding Student in Political Theory
Casey A. Dziubakowski

Outstanding Student in American Government
Peyton H. Griffee


Psychology Award
Sara Elise McKinney

Psychology Research Award
Sara Elise McKinney

Mark Eddy Award
Haley Faye Snyder

Erica Hagan Service Award
Ericka Danae Conley

Outstanding Capstone Performance
Haley Von Oliver


Excellent Performances in Senior Seminar
Aida Lucia Berlanga
Cameron Oshodi
Sean  David Williams

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