Music scholarshipsMusic scholarships are potentially available to any student at Georgetown College. The available scholarships fall into two distinct categories:  departmental scholarships, and endowed scholarships in music.  Departmental scholarships are generally awarded to incoming freshmen and transfer students as four-year renewable awards.  These scholarships are renewable each year based upon the student’s successful academic progress and successful participation in the appropriate ensembles.  Departmental scholarships are awarded based on an audition.  Endowed scholarships are non-renewable and typically awarded to current students.

The Kentucky Association of College Music Departments (KACMD) has set up the following guidelines for accepting music scholarships:

  • Students accepting their awards are “declaring their intent” to attend the school making the offer.
  • Students may accept a music scholarship from only ONE member institution.
  • The written acceptance of music scholarships from more than one member institution signed after May 1 will result in the withdrawal of scholarship offers to the student by member institutions involved.
  • Awards may be offered and accepted only in written form.  Verbal commitments are not permissible and are not binding.
  • Upon accepting scholarships from a member institution, students cannot be released from their commitment to that institution without written permission from the school’s music executive.
  • Transferring students are ineligible for music scholarships at the new institution until the completion of one semester of full-time study unless specifically released in writing by the music executive of the original school.

The Kentucky Association of College Music Departments strives to assist and support a scholarship system that has integrity and is fair to all concerned. It is the Association’s intent to enforce the stipulations presented here and to help students avoid difficulties.


Following the music audition, the Department of Music makes scholarship recommendations to the Director of Student Financial Aid based on performance, previous academic record and interview at the time of the audition.  The music scholarship, in combination with other institutional dollars, may not exceed the maximum institutional amount.  Students, awarded a substantial scholarship in academics, for example, may not be eligible to receive a music scholarship if the academic scholarship reaches the institutional limit, even though the department may recommend a student for a music scholarship.

Scholarship Retention

Music scholarships will be reviewed each semester by the music faculty and Office of Financial Aid.


Students should consider all institutional scholarships options in addition to music.