Student Recital Hour

Students have opportunities for performance on Student Recital Hours, normally scheduled on the first Thursday of each month at 11:00 a.m. in John L. Hill Chapel.  Additional recital times and changes in schedule will be noted in the Department of Music calendar posted at the beginning of each semester.  Music majors and minors are required to attend all Student Recital Hours.

With the exception of the first semester at the discretion of the studio professor, music majors are required to perform in their major area at least once during each semester of residence.  Additional performances may be requested by the applied professor as indicated by student progress.  Music minors are encouraged to perform at least once during each year (2 semesters) of applied study.  Elective students may perform only at the discretion of the applied professor.

All students performing on Recital Hour must complete a Student Recital Request Form (professor’s signature required), and return it to the Music Office by noon on the Tuesday preceding the Thursday recital.  You may access the form located in the Appendix on the Table of Contents page.  Simply complete the form on-line and print a copy.

Junior Recital

Though a junior recital is not required for music majors, many students and professors recognize the importance of gaining experience prior to the required senior recital.  A junior recital, consisting of 15-25 minutes of music, may be presented following the passing of the Continuation Jury Exam.  Normally, junior recitals are paired (two soloists) to create a full-length program.  An exceptional student may, in the view of the applied professor, merit a full-length program (40-50 minutes of music).  In this event, the student and professor will present a copy of the proposed program and its justification to the area faculty for final approval.  This proposal should be submitted at the jury in the semester preceding the proposed recital.  Junior/senior recitals should be scheduled at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or 3:00 p.m. Sunday.

Senior Recital

All degree tracks require that a music major present a senior recital.  Normally, this recital is presented during the final semester of applied study.  Recital length requirements are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Music Education 25-30 minutes of music,
  • Bachelor of Music (Church Music) 25-30 minutes of music,
  • Bachelor of Arts 45-50 minutes of music.

Also, see Senior Comprehensive Field Test.

Elective Recital

Should a student desire to present a recital prior to the Junior or Senior Recital, this is permitted only if approved by the applied professor.  A panel hearing is not required; however, in that this would be an elective recital, all other handbook requirements do apply.

Recital Hearing

For all junior/senior recitals, the student will schedule a hearing that will take place at least two weeks prior to the recital date.  (Piano recitalists must schedule a hearing at least four weeks prior to the recital date.)  The hearing should be given in the same venue in which the recital will be presented, normally John L. Hill Chapel or LRC 154.  At least three faculty members (which may include a faculty member from another area–vocal/instrumental) will hear the program and a majority vote will determine whether the recital may be presented.  If the hearing is failed, the recital must be postponed and a new hearing scheduled.  Music for hearings must be performance ready.  Standards for memorization are as set forth by the faculty.  At the option of the hearing committee a private recital may be recommended.

Recital Attendance

Music majors are required to attend 80 approved concerts before graduation.  No more than 16 of these may be off-campus events.  Minors are required to attend 40 approved concerts before graduation.  No more than 8 of these may be off-campus events.  All off-campus events must be approved by the students’ applied teacher.  Student Recital Hours are required attendance.  

At the beginning of each semester students will receive a calendar of approved music events for that semester.  While attending an approved on-campus event it is the student’s responsibility to check in with the faculty member in charge of attendance for that event.  

Approved on-campus programs include but are not limited to:

  • Noteworthy Faculty and Guest Artist Series Concerts
  • Concerts given by Concert Choir, Band, Chorale, Lyric Theatre, Orchestra and Chapel Brass
  • Student Recital Hours
  • Senior Recitals 
  • Junior Recitals 
  • Students of Voice Recitals

Attire for Recitals

Appropriate dress attire is required for performers at all concert events.  

For performances during the day time (Student Recital Hours, master classes, chapel hour performances, afternoon recitals, etc), “traditional church dress” should be followed.  For ladies, this is either a dress, or blouse/sweater and skirt or slacks with dress shoes.  For gentlemen, this is a button-down shirt, tie or vest/sweater, and slacks with dress shoes.  Suit or sports coat is optional.

For performances during the evening, dress varies somewhat by event and instrument. Some concerts are indicative of “cocktail” dress (Students of Voice Recital, etc.).  For these events ladies should wear an after-five dress or outfit that is not floor-length. Gentlemen should wear suits and ties.  Other events are “black tie” (Junior and Senior Recitals at 8:00pm or later, Sophomore Sets, etc.)  For these events ladies should wear floor-length gowns and gentlemen should wear tuxedos.

At absolutely no time may performers wear jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sweat shirts, flip-flops or cut-offs.  Gentlemen may not wear sleeveless shirts.  Ladies skirts must not be more than a couple of inches above the knee.  For day performances women may not wear strapless or spaghetti strap tops.  

There is no dress code for audience members, but please keep good taste in mind as an audience member.  

Recital Fees

(updated November 2009)

Recitalists will pay the accompanist rates outlined below.

  • Full Recital with staff accompanist:  $150
  • Half Recital with staff accompanist:  $100
  • Full Recital with student accompanist:  $75
  • Half Recital with student accompanist:  $50

The above fees include the recital hearing, a one-hour dress rehearsal, and the recital.  Additional rehearsals must be negotiated with the accompanist.  Full payment must be made on or before the dress rehearsal unless other arrangements have been made.

Recital Programs


The Music Department has a uniform program format: half-sheet (5.5 x 8.5 inches); front–title page; back–program.  The template below must be followed, then printed front and back on parchment cardstock and cut in half so that each sheet makes two programs. Applied professors must approve the format and sequence of the program before it is submitted for duplication.  Most students choose to have Publishing/Duplicating Services in the Student Center do the printing.   Students are responsible for any typesetting and duplicating costs.  A minimum of 35 programs must be printed, but the student may have as many additional printed as desired.  Three copies must be submitted to the Music Office as file copies.  Recitalists may select persons of their choice as ushers.

All senior recitals require program notes, as well as most junior recitals.  The format provided by the template below must be followed, then the program notes must be printed full-size on 8.5X11 white paper, both sides of pages, and stapled.  This is a separate document from the program.  Vocal program notes require foreign language text translations as well.   

Both the completed program and program notes are due at the time of the recital hearing.  The student must bring one copy of the program and one copy of the program notes for each adjudicator at the recital hearing (3 copies for vocalists; 4-5 copies for instrumentalists). After your program and program notes are approved by the adjudicators, the student may then have copies duplicated for the actual recital. 

Simply save this file and update with your information:  Recital Program Template (2012). 

**Click to Download the Department Standardized Voice Program Notes Template.

Recording Performances

Recordings are normally made of all large-ensemble concerts and faculty recitals.  Student recitals may be recorded, depending on availability of equipment and personnel, by completing the necessary form at least two weeks prior to the event.  The form should be submitted to the Music Office.