Piano/Keyboard Proficiency For All Music Majors

Numbers 1- 6 should be prepared ahead of time.  Sheet music for these pieces is available through Dr. Hayashida.

1. My Country ’tis of Thee (quarter note = 60 or faster, with the use of damper pedal)

2. A hymn of your choice   (must be approved by Dr. Hayashida)

3. An accompaniment part (vocal piece for voice majors; piece written for your own instrument and piano for instrumental majors; must be approved by Dr. Hayashida)

4. Harmonization (silent night) using primary triads (I, IV, and V) in an assigned key (handout available)

5. I-IV6/4 – I- V6 (6/5) – I in all major and minor keys  (handout available)

6. Early-intermediate-level solo piano piece (sheet music available)


Following items will be given to the student 2 weeks before the exam.

7.  4 Major and harmonic minor scales (two octaves, hands together, correct fingering, ♪, quarter note = 60) (scales announced 2 weeks before)

8. Lead sheet harmonization (given 2 weeks before)

9. Choral score reading (given 2 weeks before) – being able to read any two parts together

10. Instrumental score reading (given 2 weeks before)

  • Alto and tenor clefs
  • Transposition of brass/wind instrument parts


My Country tis of Thee10
Silent Night harmonization10
I-IV-I-V-I in major and minor keys10 (5 each for major and minor)
Solo Repertoire10
4 scales8 (2 points each)
Lead sheet harmonization10
Choral score reading10
Instrumental score reading12 (6 for tenor and alto clefs; 6 for transposition)
Passing Score70 or above


Students should make an appointment for the proficiency exam with Dr. Hayashida.  The exam should take no more than 20 – 30 minutes.


Students will automatically pass the piano proficiency requirement by earning a grade of C or better in the four-semester class piano sequence, MUS 155, 156, 157, 158.  When a student prefers to take the piano proficiency exam to meet the requirement, s/he should make an appointment for the proficiency exam with Dr. Hayashida.   The exam should take no more than 20 – 30 minutes.

No student will be permitted to register for student teaching, or request a Senior Recital hearing, until all requirements for proficiency have been met and approved by the music faculty.  Students who receive less than a 2.0 (C) must repeat MUS 158 before taking their proficiency exam.

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