Georgetown’s Web site provides many opportunities to promote, but there are also certain limitations. The following guidelines were developed to help you understand what can be accomplished as part of a college Web project.

What you should bring to a project consultation

  • A scope of what you are needing in writing
  • Any information you have, such as dates, locations of where you are planning to announce the site, time frames of when events are happening, data that you have already gathered, etc.
  • Photography in a high resolution (300 dpi or better) digital file
  • Any text you want to include, in electronic format
  • Any designs that the Web site needs to coordinate with
  • Questions you are unclear about
  • Exact website addresses you want to link up to

What to expect from the web coordinator

  • Provide expertise on website usage and usable design and layout
  • A graphic treatment of your home page for your approval and/or feedback
  • Photographic treatment such as touch ups, scanning, etc
  • Proofreading within communications and marketing to ensure compliance with the AP style
  • Launch of website