Information Technology Services provides technology support services to the faculty, staff, and students of Georgetown College.  The specific areas of support are voice communications, data networking, computing, media services, academic consulting services, and training.

 The purpose of this policy is to provide ITS support guidelines for student owned computers.


  1. ITS will provide free telephone support for hardware and software questions relating to student owned computers.
  2. Student computers that meet recommended minimum hardware and software configurations as described on the ITS website are eligible for support.
  3. Students desiring workbench support from ITS must purchase a Computer Maintenance Agreement.
  4. Students requesting support must complete a Work Authorization Form detailing the problem(s) or work requested.
  5. ITS will call the owner of the computer for the purpose of describing the results of the initial problem investigation and/or give an estimate of the time required to complete the service requested.
  6. The owner of the computer will either authorize the continued work or ask that all work stop.
  7. ITS will contact the owner when work is completed and present them with a description of work performed.
Policy Effective: 08/05/2005
Policy Updated: 07/02/2013