As part of Information Technology Services academic support mission it supports general access computing resources located in the Anna Ashcraft Ensor Learning Resource Center and computing lab(s) operated by ITS.  Computer labs operated and maintained by individual departments receive limited support from ITS.


  1. The owners of departmental or divisional lab(s) shall provide ITS with a representative (contact) for all requests.  This may be an appointed individual or a committee chair person who represents the entire lab.
  2. Network support.  All computers and printers requiring network access and availability must be compliant with the data network maintained by ITS.  All network equipment either purchased by the department or ITS is to be managed solely by ITS.  No department shall install a wireless network without the knowledge and approval of ITS.
  3. The cost of computer, projector, and printer upgrades in departmental labs are the responsibility of the individual departments. Related consumable costs (paper, toner, projector bulbs, etc.) are also a departmental lab responsibility.
  4. Owners of departmental labs are responsible for student staffing, scheduling, and operational expenses related to the operation of the facilities.
  5. ITS will provide hardware diagnostic support for Intel compatible computers and limited support for non-Intel compatible computers based on ITS expertise.
  6. ITS will provide support to Microsoft client and server operating systems software only.  Any expenses related to supporting the OS will be the responsibility of the department.  ITS will provide informational support concerning source and pricing information for Microsoft contract software.
  7. Applications software other than software covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement is the responsibility of the department / division lab owner(s).  At the request of the department / division representative, ITS will assist in the maintenance of the client software under the following conditions: 1) All software and copies of software licenses are to be provided to ITS at least three weeks prior to the start of the semester for the purpose of providing adequate lead time; 2) Applications installed after the start of the semester are the responsibility of the department.
  8. Intel compatible software applications must be a minimum of Windows 7 compliant.
  9. Labs with their own Intel compatible servers will be provided full support for Microsoft server operating system software, including network printing support. ITS will also assist in the installation of application software.  Maintenance of the application software will be the primary responsibility of the individual lab owners and with support as needed by ITS.
Policy Effective: 02/14/2002
Policy Updated: 07/02/2013