The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for acceptable use of email resources at Georgetown College.


As a service to the Georgetown College community, several E-mail based mass mailing lists have been created.  These are designed to facilitate the timely and cost-effective distribution of information to the campus community.  In order that these lists remain a reliable means of communication, it is important that members of the Georgetown College community abide by a few guidelines.  These guidelines are not designed to limit free speech but are intended to keep you mail volume at a reasonable level.

 Mass mailing lists are for:

  1. Announcement of campus events and deadlines
  2. Changes in campus policies, procedures, organizations, or departments
  3. Notification of the availability of services and/or facilities

Mass mailing lists are NOT intended for messages of a personal nature.  Examples of inappropriate uses include, but are not limited to:

  1. Soliciting support (financial or otherwise) for charity or special causes not connected with a College effort
  2. Personal opinion, public debate, or campaigning
  3. Give-aways (personal property such as furniture, tickets, equipment, books, etc.)
  4. Unverified public service announcements (such as virus alerts, unsafe products, etc.)
  5. Chain mail
  6. Services offered or services sought (except for College related services)

Any individual wanting to post a message to the mass e-mail lists that falls outside of these guidelines,  but  is  felt  to be  of  vital  interest  to  the  community,  must  send  a  request  for  an exception to the Office of the President, Provost, or to their respective Vice President who may forward the message through their office.

Policy Effective Date: 01/01/2005
Policy Updated: 06/26/2013