Information Technology Services (ITS) establishes password requirements for the Jenzabar administrative system and assigns passwords to those individuals whose work requires them to access information provided by the system. This policy establishes the requirements and procedures for the establishment and maintenance of the Jenzabar administrative information systems passwords.


  1. In order for a password to be created for an individual, the supervisor must contact ITS via email and provide the employee’s name, ID number, and information the individual needs to access.
  2. A temporary password will assigned which the individual should change after successfully logging onto the system for the first time.
  3. All individuals will be required to change their password at least every six months.
  4. The password must be at least six characters and at most twenty characters in length. It has to include at least two letters and one number within the first six characters–so a password of 123456 or “this hurts” will not be accepted.
  5. Just remember that you can do things like substitute numbers or special characters for letters and that capital letters are treated as different from their lowercase versions. People using Impromptu or Jenzabar PC based programs can’t use a password that is more than eight characters in length.
  6. Individual passwords are not to be shared with anyone.
  7. If ITS staff observes compromised passwords (for example, default passwords, a cracker’s sniffer log, routine network monitoring, or the user has shared the password) the user’s account password will be rendered invalid and the user will be required to change their password.
  8. Account longevity will be tied to College affiliation. The exact time of the account removal will be determined by the employee’s supervisor and/or human resources.

Responsible Organization

The Associate Vice President for Information Technology Services and the Manager of

Administrative Computing will be responsible for the maintenance and review of this policy.


Policy Effective Date: 08/01/2004
Updated: 06/26/2013