Academic Support for International Students

Nearly all students, regardless of their native country and language, need extra help with a class at some point during their academic career.  While the International Student Services Office will always do our best to support you during your time at Georgetown College, we suggest following these steps when you encounter difficulties in your classes.

Step 1:  Talk with your classmates

For simple questions, such as the page numbers of a homework assignment, you should contact a classmate first.

Step 2:  Seek additional assistance from campus resources

At Georgetown College, services provided by tutors and by the Writing Center are completely free.  Tutors can help you to understand the content of your classes, while the Writing Center staff can help you refine your written work.  Neither of these groups will do the work for you; instead, they will check the work that you have done and help create a plan for improvement.

There are many group tutoring sessions for courses that all students must take, but private tutors are also available. Nearly all GC students utilize tutoring at some point during their undergraduate career.

You may request a tutor via GConnect. For assistance with tutoring please contact Mrs. Kim Gift.

Writing Center Information

Step 3:  Consult the professor

If you have more consistent or prolonged problems with an aspect of the class, contact your professor as soon as possible.  Professors reserve certain times in their schedules, called “office hours”, when they are available to work with students.  If you go to a professor’s office, you should be prepared with specific questions or issues you want to discuss. Please see your course syllabus for information regarding your professor’s office hours and office location.

Step 4:  Seek help from the International Student Services Staff

Sometimes problems arise from simple differences in language and culture.  We will do our best to mediate these issues between students, staff and faculty if the measures mentioned above have already been taken.  Please contact Jason Snider to schedule a meeting.