Application Deadlines

Fall Semester (August - December)
Spring Semester (January - May)

Priority Deadline – Apply by this date (with test score and academic record submitted) in order to qualify for competitive scholarships and meet the housing deadline. Note: some scholarships may have earlier deadlines.

Application Deadline – All applications must be complete (academic record and test score received) by this date in order to enroll for the semester. Incomplete applications may be deferred to a later semester.

Transfer DeadlineTransfer applicants (those applicants with an active F visa already in the U.S.A.) must complete their application by this date.


The information below represents the most relevant College policies for incoming/prospective international students. These descriptions do not include the full, detailed College policies. Please see the student handbook (policies related to student life) and/or the college catalog (academic policies) for a complete, up-to-date listing of all Georgetown College policies.

International Student Deposit
I-20 (Immigration Document) Issuance
Health Insurance

Student Age

International Recruiting Agents

Georgetown College is an institutional member of the American International Recruitment Council. The American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) is a membership association of accredited U.S. post-secondary institutions and certified student recruitment agencies which develops standards of ethical practice and provides a certification framework for agencies engaged in student recruitment.

As an AIRC member institution Georgetown College subscribes both to the AIRC standards and to the Rights and Responsibilities of AIRC Institutions and Agencies which may be found in the AIRC Certification and Process Standards Manual.

Georgetown College is firmly committed to the ethical recruitment of international students via international recruiting agents. Georgetown College welcomes inquiries from international recruiting agencies but only works directly with its affiliated partners. In order to become affiliated with the College agencies must have outside certification, such as AIRC or ICEF. Any inquiries regarding international recruiting agents should be sent to Mr. Jason Snider, Director of International Studies and Enrollment.

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