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Global Scholars FAQ

What is the Global Scholars Program?

The aim of the Global Scholars Program is to give students experiences in international business, current events and culture outside the classroom that help them understand how they can use their Georgetown College education not just locally, but also globally.

Is this a scholarship program?

Yes. Each student will receive a $1000 scholarship that is renewable annually.

What majors are accepted into the program?

The misconception can be that only business or political science majors are Global Scholars.  In reality, Global Scholars have many different areas of study, ranging from Spanish to Psychology, Biology to Art. We just want students that are genuinely interested in global affairs, so we really aren’t picky about their majors.

What are the requirements once I’m accepted?

We ask that students maintain a 3.0 GPA, attend required events, earn 10 GSP points per semester, keep up with current events, read the one required book and have at least one internship with global connections.

What is the time commitment to the program like?

It can vary from month to month, depending on the events we have planned, but we would estimate 5-10 hours a month.

What kinds of events do you have?

This is the fun part. We try to vary our programming to meet the interests of all of our students. Examples of events are:

-Spotlights events on certain cultures

-Tours of local international businesses like UPS, Toyota, and the Kentucky World Trade Center

-Road trips to various cultural experiences outside of Kentucky

-Recognized speakers in many different fields of study

-Current event discussions

Do I need to have traveled abroad to apply to this program?

While we encourage all our Global Scholars to travel and experience the world, we understand that not everyone has had that opportunity. Having a passion to understand the world outside our borders is what gets us excited.

My question wasn’t answered here.  Where do I go for more information?

You can contact the program’s Executive Director, Patrick Barker with any additional questions. His phone is 502-863-8002 and his email is He’s a really nice guy.

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