Scholarships are a great way to fund or partially fund your time abroad. We offer the following scholarship advice:

  • Apply early
  • Apply to several scholarships
  • Submit a top-notch essay (we’re always more than happy to look over your essay before you submit – just email us)
  • Be reasonable – every little bit helps!
  • Show the ways you’ve already started saving – summer job(s), asking family members, etc.
  • Don’t rely on one type of funding – scholarships, fundraising and a summer job all add up!

Scholarship Opportunities

These are the scholarships we’ve compiled to help fund your time abroad. Please note that any scholarships outside of the “Georgetown College Scholarships” section are not necessarily affiliated with Georgetown College. Click the scholarship name for more information. 

Georgetown College Scholarships

Study Abroad scholarships available only to Georgetown College students.

GC Scholarship Deadlines GC Study Abroad Scholarship Application


Fogle Cultural Travel Scholarship
KIIS Scholarship
Monson Travel Scholarship
Roberts Travel Scholarship
Tri-State Durga Puja (India) Scholarship

Other Scholarships

National Competitive Scholarships
Program Specific Scholarships