Application Deadlines

Fall Semester (August - December)
Spring Semester (January - May)

Priority Deadline – Apply by this date (with test score and academic record submitted) in order to qualify for competitive scholarships and meet the housing deadline. Note: some scholarships may have earlier deadlines.

Application Deadline – All applications must be complete (academic record and test score received) by this date in order to enroll for the semester. Incomplete applications may be deferred to a later semester.

Transfer DeadlineTransfer applicants (those applicants with an active F visa already in the U.S.A.) must complete their application by this date.


The information below represents the most relevant College policies for incoming/prospective international students. These descriptions do not include the full, detailed College policies. Please see the student handbook (policies related to student life) and/or the college catalog (academic policies) for a complete, up-to-date listing of all Georgetown College policies.

International Student Deposit
I-20 (Immigration Document) Issuance
Health Insurance

Student Age