Honors Program Mission and Goals

The Georgetown College Honors Program strives to encourage the intellectual growth of the college community by giving highly motivated students at all levels the opportunity to pursue challenging and stimulating academic experiences.

In fulfilling its mission, the Georgetown College Honors Program strives to help motivated students reach their fullest academic potential by

  • challenging them throughout their college careers
  • promoting a high level of intellectual discourse
  • helping them broaden their cultural experiences

fostering academic research



Prospective students who earned an ACT score of 27 or higher and a high school GPA of 3.5 or higher are encouraged to apply. Currently enrolled and transfer students with a college GPA of 3.5 or better are also eligible for admission. Students planning to enroll at Georgetown College for in the fall of 2017 should submit their application by April 1, 2017.


To graduate from the Georgetown College Honors Program, students must complete 21 hours of honors credit, including:

  • Honors 300 (Seminar) or three sections of Honors 170 (Reading Group)
  • Honors 440 (Senior Thesis)

For more information, please email the program director, Dr. Barbara J. Burch