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2019-2020 Academic Year

Welcome to the 175th year of Bands at Georgetown College and the 27th year of the "ME" [Modern Era] of our Tiger Bands. This is our "Grrr...s Just Want to Have Fun" year and a very special year it shall indeed be!

The Tiger Band Web [aka TBW] provides a veritable plethora of operational information for current Band Scholars. Additionally it serves as a repository/archive of the Legacy and Lore of our Tiger Bands - much enjoyed by Alumni Band Scholars and our Band Friends everywhere.

To this end, please peruse carefully and digest fully all which is a part of the "TBW" [aka Tiger Band Web].

We have been - are - and shall continue to be - most beholden to our past and current Band Scholars and the many "OC" [On-Campus] and "GC" [Geographically Challenged] Friends of our Tiger Bands. With the continued extraordinary efforts of the Band Scholars and incredible support of our Band Friends, we may safely say that "The best days for our Tiger Bands - are the ones yet to come". 

In all things, we of the Tiger Bands shall remain true to our "Five-Fold Band Tenets" and the historic spirit, mission and intent of Georgetown College. With these great ideals at our back, and our ongoing commitment to the great words of Mother Ann, "Put your hands to work and your hearts to God" and of Mr. Bach, "Music is a Gift back to the Giver" we shall never go astray or run amuck.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the "TBW" [aka Tiger Band Web] official site of the Tiger Bands at Georgetown College. Grrr...

Most Warmly

Five Fold Band Tenets

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History of Tiger Bands

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Being a Band Scholar

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