The Five-Fold Band Tenets

Starting in 1993, as the "ME" [Modern Era] of the Tiger Bands began, The "Five-Fold Band Tenets have been defined and refined. The 5FBT serve as the basis for ALL operational decisions regarding our Tiger Bands [i.e. recruiting, program development, travel, funding, et al]. The 5FBT are based upon the characteristics of which a Band Scholar [or a prospective "Fledgling Scholar"] MUST BE an exemplar. [The 5FBT were originally based upon traits and characteristics possessed by "Dr. Brett" - now Dr. Brett Noble Wynn]. The Five-Fold Band Tenets are the bedrock and foundation upon which our Tiger Band program of today has been built, and that which enables us to thrive and prosper.

Academic Excellence

Spiritual Values

Musical Achievement

Leadership Skills

Commitment to Georgetown College

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