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2024 Faithways Academy: June 15-21



Faithways Academy at Georgetown College is aimed to help high school students mature as Christian leaders in order to better serve the church and the world. To accomplish this goal, the Faithways Academy summer program is designed to offer students a pre-college experience that enables them to reflect deeply on their faith in an academic setting and to explore their faith in the world.

The program accepts 35 applicants from current high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who are already active and involved in their local churches in Kentucky and nearby regions.

The cost to attend Faithways Academy is $225. Scholarships are available to help with this cost.

Georgetown College is also pleased to recognize the value of participation in Faithways Academy with a $10,000 scholarship for any eligible Faithways attendee who goes on to attend Georgetown College! Any student who completes Faithways Academy and is not receiving an exclusive scholarship to GC (such as athletics or Legacy and Legends) will receive a $10,000 scholarship to Georgetown College – $2,500 per year for four years.

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Courses & Electives

A detailed list of courses and electives available for students who are accepted into the Faithways Program is coming soon.


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Faithways Academy staff and volunteers

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What Does Faithways Academy Look Like?


It takes place on Georgetown College's campus in the classrooms, out in nature, in the dorms, at local churches, and more.

During our one-week High School program:

  • Scholars will take three classes (Bible, Theology, and an Elective of their choosing)
  • Visit five local churches to explore what is unique about their denomination
  • Go hiking and play games on campus
  • Complete a project to take home to their church to show what they learned

Faithways: Why is it important to Churches?


During their days at Faithways Academy, students will be challenged to go deeper in their faith. They will explore questions and ideas in new and interesting ways. When they return home from their time with us, they will be better equipped as leaders for their church and youth ministries. We want to help students deepen their faith, equip them to be leaders in their local church, and prepare them to contribute.

Faithways: Why is it important to students? 


Days spent at Faithways Academy are aimed at helping students dive deeper into their faith and explore the questions that often are buried deep in our hearts and souls. During the week-long academy, these questions will be discussed, and students will get the opportunity to explore their deeper thoughts that are often missed in the crazy busy world we live in. Students will leave Faithways Academy better leaders and more knowledgeable about their faith.

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