Event starts: Wed, 04/21/2021 - 1:00pm

Join us for Chapel on Wednesday, April 21 in John L. Hill Chapel

Featured Speaker: Pastor Tim Findley

Music Provided By: Professor Marlin McKay, Mr. Charles Little, and Ms. Deidre Darnell


About Pastor Findley

While thriving in ministry at Kingdom Fellowship Christian Life Center, Pastor Findley is flourishing in many community-based and entrepreneurial endeavors. He is the CEO of Life Development Corporation, the only minority-led community development program to provide HIV and AIDS support services, and founder of FJ Enterprises. He has established and implemented various community programs including the “Every Little Bit Helps Outreach”, holiday toy and food drives, and free summer lunch programs. He has also established the Fresh Start Initiative where the “Timothy Findley, Jr. Legacy Scholarship Fund” has been named. This fund provides students the opportunity to take part in GED testing annually.

He founded and established the 1Body Fellowship in which he shares and collaborates with pastors, community leaders, and churches throughout the city to spread the message of Jesus Christ in clarity, integrity, relevance, and excellence. Pastor Findley released his first book entitled, “RelationSlips” and has conducted book tours throughout the U.S. He also released two devotional projects with the sophomore release entitled, Devotion 2, debuting in the Top 100 independent digital releases.

Pastor Findley is the founder of the Justice and Freedom Coalition and has organized and led dozens of organized, non-violent protests, demonstrations, and voter education drives. A highly sought-out speaker and activist, he has been featured on a city mural, numerous panels on social and political change and was recently featured in the 2020 Vice Media documentary, "God's Country".

In partnership and support of both spiritual and natural empowerment, Pastor Findley is dedicated to facilitating positive change through Christ-centered spiritual, social, educational, and economic initiatives.



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