The English Department has two functions. First, it serves the general-education curriculum of the college by providing instruction in reading, writing, research, analysis, and argumentation in its composition courses and by shaping students’ informed thought through the study of literature. Second, in its major and minor programs, the Department continues to stress skills in reading, writing, and thinking while expanding the study of literature to provide students a thorough historical and cultural context that deepens their knowledge of the literary canon.

The English Department strives to:

  • provide students a foundation in literature and writing as components of the liberal arts;
  • assist students with thinking analytically, communicating effectively, and discriminating among ethical, moral, and spiritual values;
  • foster the discovery, development, and critical appraisal of knowledge;
  • provide programs based upon research and scholarship which will equip motivated students with knowledge, skills, experiences, and competencies needed to do advanced academic work in English and related fields, or to serve as a basis for professional schools and related vocations;
  • encourage a community of personal, caring, and mutually respectful relationships between faculty and students, recognizing the dignity and worth of each individual;
  • foster integrity, tolerance, understanding, and appreciation of conflicting points of view;
  • enable students and faculty to broaden their awareness of cultural diversity both in this nation and among the nations of this world;
  • enhance the social and intellectual development of students through Department-sponsored extra-curricular activities and organizations.