The teacher education programs at Georgetown College produce outstanding teachers who make a difference in Kentucky schools and beyond. The information below includes some impact and outcome measures that are used by Georgetown College’s education programs to assess program success. Please let us know if we can provide you with additional information about our programs.

Impact measures

  • Employer satisfaction and completer persistence

    • Employer Survey (2011-12)
      This survey is sent to the principals of the school where our graduates teach.
    • Counties served by our programs
      A map showing the number of Education students from each Kentucky county and the total number of students from outside Kentucky.
    • Also see the New Teacher Survey listed below.
    • Also see the Teacher Preparation Feedback Report listed below.
  • Completer satisfaction

Outcome measures



Teacher Preparation Feedback Report*

Several of the measures above have been combined into a single report, the Teacher Preparation Feedback Report. This report is produced by the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics and it is updated annually. The report contains information about:

      • Student demographics
      • Program completers by program
      • Program retention and completion
      • Internship completion rates
      • Employment rates one year after completion
      • Employment location one year after completion
      • Time to employment of program completers
      • Retention of program completers once employed

This report includes data about all educator preparation programs in Kentucky, so when visiting the web pages remember to filter each page to see only Georgetown College information. Also be aware that this report only reflects a portion (about one-quarter) of the education students studying at Georgetown College. It does not include Georgetown College students who are already certified to teach and are pursuing additional education at Georgetown College. Some pages also omit graduate students who are pursuing teacher certification at Georgetown College. Finally, employment information presented in the report only reflects graduates who are employed in Kentucky, and on some pages only graduates employed in a public school, not private or charter schools.





* This report is produced and maintained by state agencies (Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board, Kentucky Department of Education, or Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics).