The Teacher Education program at Georgetown College produces outstanding teachers who make a difference in Kentucky schools. The information below is but a snapshot of some of the measures that are widely used by education departments around the nation to measure program success. These measures include graduation rates, pass rates for state licensure exams, job placement and retention rates, and student and employer satisfaction information. Please let us know if we can provide you with additional information about our programs.

  • State licensure exams
  • Employment

    • Employer Survey
      This survey is sent to the principals of the school where our graduates teach.
    • Alumni Survey
      This survey is sent to our recent graduates.
    • New Teacher Survey*
      The state surveys student teachers and new teacher interns (KTIP), along with their cooperating (student teachers) and supervising (KTIP) teachers.
    • Average Teacher Salaries*
      State salary data for certified teachers and other school personnel. A minimum salary schedule for teachers is also available.
    • Undergraduate employment patterns in Kentucky*
      This map shows the school districts where our 2012-13 undergraduate Education graduates were working 1 year after graduation. It does not include our graduate Education graduates nor does it reflect graduates who are working in school districts outside Kentucky.
  • Average GPAs of program completers
  • Retention rates
    • Retention in the teaching field*
      This report, produced by the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB), shows the number of initial program completers who receive their certification. If the candidate receives a professional certificate, this means that he or she was hired and completed the state internship (KTIP) requirement for certification.
  • Graduation rates
  • Origin of Current Students
    • Map
      A map showing the number of Education students from each Kentucky county and the total number of students from outside Kentucky.

* This report is produced and maintained by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board. The data reported are for initial certification programs only.