Offering graduate work as early as 1873 and establishing graduate degrees in education since 1957, today Georgetown College offers one of the largest and oldest graduate programs of its kind in the Commonwealth. This program thrives because of outstanding, caring faculty, and a flexible convenient course schedule at a cost comparable to that of public institutions in the area. In addition, the college’s Christian character extends to its graduate programs.

In contrast to the undergraduate program, most of Georgetown’s graduate students are education professionals who work full-time in the schools and accomplish their educational objectives around their work schedules. Consistent with Georgetown’s high quality undergraduate teacher certification program, the primary aim of the Graduate Program is to develop scholars who are competent and caring educators, committed to a spirit of service and learning.

To realize this goal, learning experiences center around three knowledge domains: Professional Skills and Competencies, Professional Values and Dispositions, and Reflective Practice. Our courses are taught by full-time faculty of the College and by quality adjunct faculty with specialized experience. A variety of online and classroom approaches, fieldwork, and independent projects are integral components.

This online handbook will be a valuable resource during your time as a Graduate student at Georgetown. The links below provide a summary of the traditions, services, opportunities, resources, and expectations that form the basis by which all of us work, study, and grow together. The information is especially pertinent to your success.

 Table of Contents

The College

Graduate Education Information

  • Academic Programs (Graduate)
  • Academic Policies (Graduate): All academic policies are included in the Georgetown College Catalog in the Graduate Education section (page 311 in the 2013-14 catalog). If a specific graduate policy is not available, the undergraduate policy is in effect.
  • Academic Procedures:
    • Incomplete Grades: Candidates should expect to complete course requirements within the semester. However, if a candidate experiences illness or other legitimate reasons why coursework cannot be completed within the course timelines, the candidate must contact the instructor prior to the end of the semester to request (in writing) an Incomplete. If the instructor accepts the reason for an extended timeline, then the instructor will complete a written agreement for an incomplete outlining the completion expectations and due date. The candidate must complete the Incomplete by the agreement date, or the Incomplete will be automatically changed to an “F”. Incompletes should be made up within one semester exclusive of summer of summer terms.
    • Adding / Dropping Classes: Before classes begin in a term, you may add or drop classes through the Portal ( After the term begins, you may contact the Graduate Office. If you are receiving financial aid, be sure you know any financial aid implications before dropping your class.
    • Course Evaluations: In order for Georgetown to continuously improve our programs, we ask that candidates provide us online evaluations at the end of each course. Candidates access the form through the Portal ( After grades are submitted, faculty receive aggregated information for the class as a whole, and this information is used by the professor and the program to inform continuous program improvement.
    • Deadlines for Dropping Classes without financial / grade penalties (website): Candidates should review the Graduate Academic Calendar for information about dropping courses without financial or grade penalties.
    • Readmission: (website)  Candidates who drop out of a program voluntarily or through inactivity for 18 months should contact the Graduate Admissions office for readmission.
    • Satisfactory Academic Progress (website): Candidates receiving financial aid must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). The Graduate Office monitors compliance and notifies Financial Aid if a candidate is not meeting SAP.
  • Admissions
  • Certification
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Degree / Program Completion
  • Field Experiences
  • LiveText
  • My Georgetown College Portal (access grades, billing, and other student information)
  • Moodle (Sage) (training videos are also available at this site)
  • Registration 
  • Grad Ed VIP Days

Student Policies

Academic Services

Campus Services

Graduate Student Organizations

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