100213 Joy

Joy Bowers-Campbell • Associate Professor of Education, Dean of Education, and Director of Literacy Specialist and Reading Programs

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 102
Phone: 502-863-8172
Email: joy_bowers-campbell@georgetowncollege.edu

Educational Background:

  • Ph.D., Language and Literacy Education, 2010. University of Georgia
    • Dissertation:  Reading Identity in Developmental College Readers
      • Graduated with Qualitative Research Certificate
  • M.A., Secondary English Education, 1992, Columbia University, Teachers College
    • Thesis:  Thinking and Responding to Young Adult Literature
  • B.A., English 1991, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research, Leadership & Service Interests:

  • Adolescent literacy
  • Struggling adolescent readers
  • Co-teaching models of teacher training
  • Technology inclusion in literacy education

Georgetown College Courses:

  • EDU  517
  • EDU 595RW
  • EDU 594RW
  • EDU 598
  • EDU 604

Angela Cox

Angela Cox • Assistant Professor of Education and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 140
Phone: 502-863-8155
Email: Angela_Cox@georgetowncollege.edu

Educational Background:

  • Ed.D from the University of Kentucky (Curriculum and Instruction Administration) 2005
  • MA as a Reading Specialist from UK (2000)
  • BA in Elementary Education from UK (1992)

Research Interests:

  • Multicultural Education
  • Culturally Responsive Literacy
  • Teacher Belief/Efficacy
  • Professional Affiliations
  • American Educational Research Association
  • National Reading Association
  • Kentucky Association of Professional Educators
  • International Reading Association

Andrea Peach

Andrea Peach • Professor of Education, Associate Dean of Education, Chair of Advanced Programs, and Coordinator of MA Teacher Leader Program

Office Location: Room 106, Anderson Hall, Box 325
Phone: 502-863-7050
Email: apeach0@georgetowncollege.edu

Educational Background:

  • Ed.D. in Instruction and Administration (emphasis in Instructional Design and Technology, University of Kentucky
  • Master of Music (Bassoon Performance), University of Kentucky
  • Bachelor of Music in Bassoon Performance (minor in Computer Science), University of Kentucky

Research Interests:

  • Online teaching and learning
  •  Integrating technology into schools through robotics
  •  Assessment technologies in education
  •  Technology use by young children


  • KY Associate of Teacher Educators board member and secretary
  •  STLP State Advisory Council and Georgetown College Robot Use Competition lead
  •  Kentucky State Advisory Council for Gifted and Talented Education
  •  Director, Georgetown College Robotics and Director of RCX Regional Robotics  Competition
  •  Advisory Council, STEM project (Bourbon County)

Georgetown  College Courses:

  • EDU 560:  Methods of Teaching Technology Concepts with Practicum
  •  EDU 570:  Technology in the Online Classroom
  •  EDU 558:  Developing and Using Web-based Resources in the P-12 Classroom
  •  CSC 552:  Implementing STEM in the Classroom through Robotics
  •  EDU 542:  Classroom Applications of Technology
  •  EDU 345:  Classroom Applications of Technology

100913 Jane 2

Jane Arrington • Associate Professor of Education and Director of MAED with Initial Certification (MAIC) Program

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 134
Phone: 502-863-8175
Email: jane_arrington@georgetowncollege.edu

Educational Background:

  • University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
    Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, 2011
    Dissertation: Culturally responsive teaching: Perceptions of preservice teachers in Appalachia
  • Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY
    M.A. in Secondary Education, 2001
    English emphasis
  • Murray State University, Murray, KY
    B.A. in English, secondary certification, middle school endorsement, 1994
  • Berea College, Berea, KY
    worked toward B.A. in English Education, secondary certification, 1987-1990

Research Interests:

  • Literacy and Poverty
  • Multiple/New Literacies
  • Elementary Level Literacy Education
  • Middle Level Teacher Education
  • Common Planning Time in Middle Schools
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Teacher as Researcher
  • Teachers from Backgrounds of Poverty
  • Teacher Education Program Evaluation
  • Content Area Literacy

Courses Taught:

  • EDU 333 Teaching Middle and Secondary English
  • EDU 131/FDN 112 Current Issues and Trends in Education
  • EDU 317  Teaching Language Arts in the Elementary School
  • EDU 532 Effective Classroom Instruction for Middle and Secondary Students
  • EDU 516 Research Based Practice in Literacy Instruction K-12
  • EDU 517 Educational Policy and Theoretical Foundations of Literacy
  • EDU 544 Classroom Management and Discipline
  • EDU 535/536 Mentored Teaching for MA Certification I and II
  • EDU 565 Human Development, Behavior, and Learning
  • EDU 602 Reading, Writing, and Thinking: Promoting

Leadership and Service:

  • Department
    • Coordinator, MAIC/MAAC Program—July 2014-Present
    • Chair, Diversity Committee—Fall 2012-present
    • Advisor, LBD Program—Spring 2013-present
  • College
    • Member, Honors Program Committee—Fall 2013-present
    • Resident Member, The Woman’s Association of Georgetown College—September 2012-present
    • Co-Organizer and Trainer, Co-Teaching Cadre Workshop (Scott County Collaboration)—Spring 2013-present
    • Member, Honorary Degree Committee—Spring 2013-present
    • Interviewer (Exit Interviews), Georgetown College Elementary Education Program—Spring 2013, Fall 2013, Spring 2014
  • Community
    • Courtesy Placement Supervisor, Jacksonville State University—Spring 2013 (served as student teaching supervisor for local student so she could student teach in Kentucky)
    • Scorer, Career Day 4th grade essays, Fayette County Public Schools—Spring 2013-present
  • Field
    • Review Board member—Middle Grades Research Journal.  2008-present.
    • Member, Advisory Board—University of Kentucky Middle School Teacher Education Program. 2010/2011 academic year.
    • Member, Adult Literacy Community Advisory Board, Morehead, KY, 2010/2011, 2011/2012 academic year.
    • Curriculum Committee ad hoc Member, Morehead State University Department of Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education, 2009/2010 academic year
    • Convener, 2010 Appalachian Studies Association Annual Conference, Session: Academic Success and Failure among High School and College Students and Pre-Service Teachers
    • Humpty Dumpty children’s magazine. Advisory Board member, 2008.
    • American Education Research Association, Proposal Reviewer: Middle Level SIG: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013; Division K: 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014
    • National Reading Conference, Proposal Reviewer, 2008
    • Middle School Language Arts Revision Committee Member, University of Kentucky Middle School Teacher Education Program, 2006


Christel Broady • Professor of Education and Director of the English as a Second Language Program

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 135
Phone: 502-863-8356
Email: christel_broady@georgetowncollege.edu

Educational Background:

Research, Leadership & Service Interests:

  • TESOL International, Chair, Elementary School IS 2011/2012; Invited Speaker at International Conventions, Nominating Committee, Member, Steering Board, NCATE/TESOL Program Reviewer;http://www.tesol.org/
  • KYTESOL, President 2007/2008, Member, Board, Professional Development Officer; http://kytesol.org/
  • Technology
    • Multiple memberships in worldwide technology organizations to generate new knowledge of digital learning and teaching
    • Provider of free training to teachers in developing countries via the WWW
  • Kentucky
    • Providing several professional development in Kentucky schools
    • School audits and collaboration
    • Community involvement for education and English language learners
    • School Board service
    • Commissioner, Mayor’s International Advisory Commission Fayette County
  • Advocacy
    • Delegate at Capitol Hill Advocacy Day
    • Lobbying for Education in KY
    • Publications in social media (BLOGS, Twitter, Facebook,  etc.)
    • Community involvement in Politics
  • Writing and Presenting on English language learning, advocacy, and technology
    • Book and Book Chapters
    • Keynotes and plenary Talks, nationally, internationally
    • Invited international and national presentations
    • Articles
    • Editor of International Publications
  • WIDA English Language Learner Standards and Assessment, Invited Speaker and Featured Educator; http:/./www.wida.us/
  • Social Media publications to create and share resources for teachers, parents and communities to create Community of Practice

Georgetown College Courses Taught:

  • EDU 580  ESL Methods
  • EDU 581  ESL Assessment
  • EDU 583  ESL Linguistics
  • EDU 585  ESL Leadership
  • EDU 587  Communicating with Immigrants
  • EDU 606  Educational Technology for the 21st Century Learner
  • EDU 527  Advanced Applications of Technology for Teacher Leaders
  • EDU 584  Effective Learning Environments:  Developing Educators with a Spirit of Service
  • EDU 507  Testing, Measurement, Statistics
  • EDU 528  Research Methods
  • EDU 542  Classroom Applications of Technology
  • EDU 560  Methods of Teaching Technology Concepts with Practicum
  • EDU 530  Curriculum Analysis
  • EDU 570  Case Study Research Methods
  • EDU 570  Action Research
  • SOC 546  Multicultural Foundations
  • EDU 565  Human Growth and Development

100913 Melody 3

Melody Deprez • Associate Professor of Education and Director of Moderate/Severe Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder Programs

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 107B
Phone: 502-863-7963
Email: Melody_Deprez@georgetowncollege.edu

Educational Background:

  • Ed.D. Spalding University, Louisville, KY,
    Concentration: Education Administration and Supervision
    Dissertation Topic: Investigation of Gender Differences in Leadership Styles
    Externship: Development of a Leadership Program for Student Council Members in Elementary School,
  • M.A. New York University, New York, NY
    Elementary Education
  • B.A. Marymount Manhattan College, New York, NY
    Major: Psychology
    Minors: Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Special
    Education (Mentally Handicapped), State Certification in NY, NJ and KY
    Principal Internship Statement of Eligibility, Level 2- October 2006

Research, Leadership & Service Interests:

  • Presenter at the National Council for Social Studies Conference, Kansas City, MO, November 2005, “Using Children’s Literature to Teach Social Studies”
  • Presenter at the National Conference on Family Literacy,
  • Louisville, KY, April 2005, “Building Resiliency in At Risk Learners”
  • Presenter at Practitioner’s Conference on Civic Education, New Orleans, LA, January 2005, “Teaching Emotional Intelligence to At Risk Learners”
  • Presenter at National Conference of Teachers of English, San Francisco CA, November 2003, “Nurturing the Student Teacher” Symposium on Autism and Downs Syndrome and International Congress on Challenges in Education- University of Havana, Cuba, November, 2001 “Emotional Intelligence in the Special Education Classroom”
  • International Congress on Challenges to Education- Mexico City, August 2000, “Leadership in Today’s World
    Journal article: “Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom Academic Exchange Quarterly, Summer, 2002
  • Volunteer consultant to Shacklette Elementary School in Louisville

100213 Anita

Anita Jones • Associate Professor of Education and Director of the Special Education (LBD) Program

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 107C
Phone: 502-863-7081
Email: anita_jones@georgetowncollege.edu

Educational Background:

  • B.A Coe College, Des Moines, Iowa
  • M.S.E Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa
  • Ed.D Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa

Research, Leadership & Service Interests:

  • Human Relations Training
  • Diversity Training
  • Working Effectively an d Successfully With Parents
  • Conflict Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Single Sex Education

Professional Affiliations

  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum
  • Council for Exceptional Children

Georgetown College Courses:

  • ECE 500
  • ECE 502
  • ECE 575

Harold Peach

Harold Peach • Associate Professor of Education, Coordinator of Instructional Technology Program, and Director of Assessment

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 131
Phone: 502-863-7010
Email: Harold_Peach@georgetowncollege.edu

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Kentucky
  • Master of Science in Education (Higher Education), University of Kentucky
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Studies in Higher Education), University of Kentucky

Research Interests:

  • Education policy
  • Online education
  • College faculty
  • Technology use in education
  • Assessment and evaluation


  • Georgetown College Institutional Effectiveness Committee (2015-16; 2016-17, Chair)
  • Serve on the Kentucky Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (KACTE) Research Committee on Information Technology and Data Systems in Educator Preparation (K-ITEP) (2010-present; 2015-present, Co-chair)
  • Georgetown College Institutional Review Board (2012-13; 2014-15, Chair)
  • Chair of Education Department Assessment Committee (2010-present)
  • Alternate Division Representative to the Curriculum Committee (2013-14)
  • Serve on the Georgetown College NCATE Committee (2013-14)
  • Georgetown College Online Taskforce (Spring 2013)


  • Classroom Applications of Technology (EDU 345)
  • Advanced Applications of Technology for Teacher  Leaders (EDU 527)
  • Classroom Applications of Technology (EDU 542)
  • Methods of Teaching Technology Concepts with Practicum (EDU 560)
  • Developing Teacher Leadership Through Research (EDU594)
  • Implementation of Capstone Research Project (EDU595)
  • Developing Teacher Leaders through Research/Implementation of the Capstone Research Project (EDU626)

100913 Kara 2

Kara Rusk • Assistant Professor of Education

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 107A
Phone: 502-863-8147
Email: kara_rusk@georgetowncollege.edu

 Educational Background:

  • B.S. Recreation – Therapeutic Recreation, Indiana University – Bloomington, IN
  • M.A.T. – Elementary and Learning/Behavior Disorders P-12 – Bellarmine University – Louisville, KY
  • M.S. – School Counseling P-12 – Indiana University Southeast – New Albany, IN
  • Ed.D. – Leadership Administration and Supervision – Doctoral Focus: Teaching Practices for Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities – Spalding University – Louisville, KY

Research, Leadership & Service Interests:

  • Institutes of Higher Education:  Learning and Behavior Disorder Consortium; Moderate and Severe Disabilities Consortium
  • Member of Council on Exceptional Children
  • Instructional Practices for students with moderate to severe disabilities
  • Behavorial Strategies for students with moderate to severe disabilities

Georgetown College Courses:

  • Final Clinical Practice – Field Component II in LBD Special Education (ECE 576)
  • Introduction to Moderate and Severe Disabilities (ECE 600)
  • Curriculum and Instruction for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities (ECE 602)
  • Teaching Individuals with Physical or Multiple Disabilities (ECE 604)
  • Transition Services for Students with Disabilities (ECE 606)
  • Field Component in MSD (ECE 608)

Taylor Thompson

Taylor Thompson • Associate Professor of Education and Director of the Gifted/Talented Program

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 121
Phone: (502) 863-8157
Email: taylor_thompson@georgetowncollege.edu

Educational Background:

  • B.S. Louisiana State University
  • M.A. University of Southern Mississippi
  • PhD. University of Mississippi

Georgetown College Courses:

Gifted Endorsement
  • Foundations of Gifted Education
  • Curriculum and Instruction in Gifted Education
  • Differentiation for Gifted and High Achieving Students in the Regular Classroom
  • Implementation of Capstone Research Course for Teacher Leaders (with gifted education topic)
  • Curriculum and Assessment for Teacher Leaders (MATL)
  • Teaching Science in the Elementary Grades (Initial Elementary)

Research, Leadership & Service Interests:

  • Dr. Thompson has pursued several areas of interest and research in the past few years.  The most prominent ones are:
    • The inclusion of critical and creative thinking in classroom instruction, with an emphasis on the creative side
    • The sensible use of technological hardware and software in instruction, assessment, and professional development
    • The sensible employment of assessment in various ways, including the avoidance of over-assessment.
  • Personal hobbies include electronic restoration of old photographs and stamp collecting.

Candis Haskell • Director of Education Admissions and Operations

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 103
Phone: 502-863-8376
Email: Candis_haskell@georgetowncollege.edu

David Baird • Principal Program Administrator

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 107-C
Phone: 502-863-8218
Email: David_baird@georgetowncollege.edu

Ruthanne Dobbins • Field Placement Coordinator for LBD and MSD

Paula Faught • Graduate Education Admissions Coordinator

Office Location: Anderson Hall
Phone: 502-863-7013
Email: paula_faught@georgetowncollege.edu

Sonya Hall • Certification Officer

Office Location: Anderson Hall 103
Phone: 502-863-8106
Email: sonya_hall@georgetowncollege.edu

Erin Hoff • Assistant Director for Field Placements

Office Location: Anderson Hall 104
Phone: 502-863-8031
Email: erin_hoff@georgetowncollege.edu

Robin McClure

Robin McClure • Administrative Assistant for Graduate Education

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 104
Phone: 502-863-7089
Email: robin_mcclure@georgetowncollege.edu

Joan McDaniel• Administrative Assistant for Graduate Education

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 107-B
Phone: 502-863-7011
Email: joan_mcdaniel@georgetowncollege.edu