The Global Scholars Program draws students who have an enthusiastic desire to augment their academic study by merging it with global experiences, thus developing their ability to meet the present opportunities and future challenges of the international community. The program provides a platform for growth beginning in the students’ first year at Georgetown College and prepares them to find their place in the global society. Upon graduation, Global Scholars will have participated in four years of programming and activities that will give them exposure to different cultures and help them become leaders in our global community.

Year One provides abundant opportunities for students to get involved and seek occasion to fulfill their curiosity about the world around them.

Year Two charges students to begin organizing themselves for success academically, in future career paths,  and as leaders on campus and in the local and global communities.

Year Three is designed for students to spend doing globally-related internships, study abroad, or taking a seminar course in which we discuss relevant readings and critically examine current and past events in our world.

Year Four seeks to challenges participants to take charge of the coordination of activities and further development of the program, and to reflect upon how they will apply this knowledge and all their experiences gleaned from their participation in the program, to their future lives.