All buffet selections include Regular & Decaffeinated Coffee, Iced Tea and Water

Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee$25.00/gallon
Iced Tea$12.95/gallon
Assorted Canned Soft Drinks$ 1.50 each
Bottled Water$ 1.50 each
Assorted Bottled Gatorade$ 1.95 each
Orange-Pineapple Punch$15.95/gallon
Sparkling Red Punch$15.95/gallon
ItemPrice Per Person

Caramel Fountain

  • Served with Red & Green Apples

Chocolate Fountain

Served with Strawberries, Bananas, Oranges, Pound Cake, Butter Cookies, Marshmallows, Graham Crackers & Pretzel Rods

Milk Chocolate$3.75
Dark Chocolate$3.95
White Chocolate$3.95

**Fountains may be purchased for a minimum of 50 people. Dipped strawberries are available & priced at marked value.

All prices subject to 19% service charge and 6% tax.