1. CANCELLATIONS: If this event is canceled within 60 – 30 days of the event date, the undersigned client agrees to reimburse Georgetown College 50% of the estimated value. 30 Days or less prior to the event date, the undersigned agrees to pay 100% of the estimated value. Any event booked within a 30-day time frame will be subject to full cancellation fees.
  2. DEPOSITS: Payment shall be made in advance for all Wedding Receptions and Social Events. A deposit will be required with a signed contract and paid in full before the event date. All Deposits made are NONREFUNDABLE. If a portion of the food and beverage for the event is “based upon consumption” Client will be invoiced and should pay the remaining balance within a 30-day time period.
  3. FORMS OF PAYMENT: Georgetown College will accept cash or checks as forms of payment, no credit cards are accepted.
  4. CAKE CUTTING SERVICE: Wedding and Social Event Cakes may be brought into the Conference Center. All Cakes are subject to a cake cutting fee of $25.00 for small cakes and $60.00 for Large Cakes and Wedding Cakes. A member of the Catering Staff will cut and serve all cakes.
  5. INVOICING: If satisfactory Corporate Credit has been established with Georgetown College, an invoice will be sent within a week following the event. All invoices must be paid within a 30-day period. Should any unpaid portion of the account be placed for collection with an outside agency or attorney, the undersigned agrees to be responsible for all costs of collection.
  6. ADITIONAL CHARGES: A service charge of nineteen percent (19%) and an applicable sales tax (6%) will be added to the final cost of the event. Groups must show proper tax identification to be considered sales tax exempt.
  7. FINAL NUMBER OF GUESTS: A final guaranteed number of guests must be given to the conference center by noon three business days (72 hours) prior to the event date. This is the number of meals in which the client will be charged. If a final number is not received by the date and time indicated, the Conference Center will prepare and charge for the tentative number of guests.
  8. BUFFETS: Lunch & Breakfast Buffets are maintained for 30 minutes and Dinner Buffets are maintained for 45 minutes. Guests will be able to go through the buffet line once and the remaining food will stay out for the above listed times. Buffets are offered for guests to enjoy a variety of food in which to choose, not as “all you can eat.”
  9. OUTSIDE FOOD & BEVERAGE : Client agrees to purchase all food and beverage through the conference center. No outside food or beverage may be brought into the Conference Center for any event.
  10. FOOD TO GO: No arrangements will be made to take any portion of leftover food or beverages out of the conference center. We are very conscious of waste and will make arrangements for any quantity of food remaining.
  11. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Georgetown College does not allow alcoholic beverages on its premises. If evidence of alcohol is found in or around the conference center during an event, the event will immediately be closed and participants asked to leave.
  12. ROOM ASSIGNMENTS: The Conference Center reserves the right to assign an alternate room for the Client’s function in the event the room designated shall be unavailable or inappropriate, based on the Client’s final guaranteed number of guests. Room Rates shall be subject to change.
  13. Georgetown College will not assume or accept any responsibility for damage to or loss of any merchandise or articles brought onto the premises prior to, during or following the Client’s event at the Conference Center. The Client is responsible for providing security for special events whenever deemed necessary. Such security is to be reviewed and approved by Georgetown College in advance.