Chemistry is everywhere! Actually everything we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell has a firm basis in Chemistry. The high quality of life that we experience today is due in no small part to many significant chemical discoveries over the past 150 years. Chemistry, as a Pure Science, seeks to describe and make comprehensible the nature and transformations of matter. As an Applied Science, it provides society with knowledge and tools to achieve its material purposes. By coupling creative thought and critical thinking skills with experimentation, the study of Chemistry contributes to a liberal arts education. The courses in Chemistry are designed to emphasize the fundamental principles of the science, to reflect its interdisciplinary nature, and to develop experimental skill.

Because Chemistry is the “Central” Science, a wide variety of opportunities awaits those with training in this field. The Chemistry Department offers a program meeting the needs of students pursuing a variety of study and career options in the Chemical Sciences. Included are students who anticipate careers as:

  • Professional Chemists in industrial research or as Environmental Chemists for the government or industry
  • Health-care Professionals in the Medical Sciences, such as Medicine,  Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy,Physical Therapy, or Biomedical research
  • Chemical Engineers or Materials Scientists
  • Secondary Science
  • Teachers or College Professors
  • Individuals who desire knowledge of Chemistry as part of their liberal arts experience, in that several graduates have chosen careers in the Law, Religion, and Business fields

For all students, the Chemistry faculty aim to provide a thorough and comprehensive educational experience by providing challenging in-class instruction, hands-on skill development in lab, and opportunities for independent research.